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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wisconsin, to stop the culture of corruption in Washington do not reelect Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin Primary

  By Joel P. Rutkowski, Ph.D., President

Ryan's Budget Deal with Obama created larger deficits 

Americans are tired of big government federal wasteful spending programs.  Washington confiscates the hard earned money of the American worker through an unfair and convoluted taxation policy and redistributes the collected taxes to groups of individuals that ensure the reelection of incumbent politicians.    Seventy-five percent of Americans have indicated that Congress should not increase federal spending. (1) Yet, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, the tax-cut deal inked by President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Paul D. Ryan (R-Wisconsin) in December 2015, has put a major dent in the federal budget, helping send the deficit soaring by 24 percent.  (2, 3) The CBO projected $544 billion deficit projected for 2016, is only the beginning of the growing red ink that only will get worse for the rest of the decade with Social Security starting in 2018 to draw down its trust fund, and by 2022 the overall deficits surging back above the $1 trillion mark.   However, according to a report on August 8, 2016, the CBO estimates the annual federal budget deficit is larger than expected and is now projected to reach $590 billion. (4)  Budget deficit projections, in the first 10 months of fiscal year 2016, totaled $514 billion, which compared to last year at this time is $49 billion more.  The budget office now projects that the annual budget deficit will total $590 billion based on federal spending and tax collections so far.  In the first 10 months of fiscal year 2016, the government collected $2.679 trillion in taxes exceeding the amount collected last year by $7 billion. This total tax collected represents $1.272 trillion in individual income taxes, $933 billion in payroll taxes, $230 billion in corporate income taxes, and $244 billion from other receipts.  Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's (R-Wisconsin) budget deal with President Barack Obama demonstrated a lack of fiscal responsibility and despite Republicans having their largest congressional majority since 1928, Mr. Ryan and his establishment Republicans helped secure Democrat policy goals and spending priorities. (5, 6)

Ryan a supporter of illegal aliens 

In April 2013, at an event in Chicago, Illinois Representative Ryan teamed up with his friend radical U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) (7) to tout amnesty for illegal aliens.   

For hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, President Barack Obama's unconstitutional 2012 executive amnesty continues to produce work permits and federal benefits.  Obama's 2012 executive amnesty for “DREAMers”—or illegal aliens who came to the country as minors, Ryan's omnibus spending bill funded entirely.  (8) Specifically, no language that would prohibit the use of funds to continue the President's unconstitutional program (Obama's executive action, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) that has granted around 700,000 illegal aliens with work permits, as well as the ability to receive tax credits and federal entitlement programs) was contained in Division F of Ryan's omnibus spending bill.  This illegal amnesty program for alien youth is, in large part, responsible for the illegal alien minor surge on the nation's southern border, a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report indicated. (9)  

Representative Paul Ryan said in 2013, that it is his job as a U.S. lawmaker to put himself in the shoes of “the DREAMer who is waiting” and work to find legislative solutions to his problems.  (10) 

Ryan Supports Sanctuary Cities 

In 2015, bleeding to death in her father's arms was 32-year-old Kate Steinle.   A five-time deported criminal alien, whose presence in the country was the direct result of San Francisco's refusal to comply with U.S. immigration law, murdered her with a gun in broad daylight. Tragically, these lawless Sanctuary Cities were rewarded with federal grants by Ryan's omnibus spending bill. (11)  For example, Division B Title II of Ryan's omnibus spending bill funded various grant programs for the Department of Justice (pages 167, 168, and 169) and contained no language that would restrict the provision of such grants to sanctuary jurisdictions. 

Ryan Supports All Refugee Programs 

Ryan's omnibus spending bill funds President Obama's refugee resettlement operation and will allow for the admission of tens of thousands of refugees with access to federal benefits despite broad support amongst Republican lawmakers for a proposal introduced by Brian Babin to halt all refugee resettlement. Ryan's bill contains appropriations of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and contains no language that would restrict the program in Division H Title II.  Also, there are no restrictions for the program in Division K of Ryan's bill, which provides funding for the Department of State, which oversees refugee admissions. Babin's bill to halt the refugee operation Ryan was not one of the 84 cosponsors.  In fact Ryan told Sean Hannity that he does not support halting resettlement because, “We're a compassionate country. The refugees laws are important laws.”  (12) 

Ryan Supports Mideast Immigration Programs That Have Been Exploited by Terrorists  

In recent years, terrorists have exploited multiple immigrant and visa programs  (such as the F-1 “student” visa, the K-1 “fiancée” visa, and our green card and refugee programs). Ryan's omnibus spending bill did nothing to limit admissions from jihadist-prone regions. In a joint statement by U.S. Senator of Alabama Richard Shelby (R) and U.S. of Alabama Jeff Sessions (R) they noted “The omnibus would put the U.S. on a path to approve admission for hundreds of thousands of migrants from a broad range of countries with jihadists movements over the next 12 months, on top of all the other autopilot annual immigration.” 

Although multiple immigrant and visa programs in recent years have been exploited by terrorists (such as the F-1 “student” visa, the K-1 “fiancée” visa, and our green card and refugee programs), Ryan's proposal does nothing to limit admissions from jihadist-prone regions. As Senators Shelby and Sessions of Alabama noted in a joint statement: “The omnibus would put the U.S. on a path to approve admission for hundreds of thousands of migrants from a broad range of countries with jihadists movements over the next 12 months, on top of all the other autopilot annual immigration.”  (13) 

Ryan Supports Illegal Alien Resettlement 

The President's resettlement of illegal immigrant border crossers is funded by Ryan's omnibus spending bill in a section titled “Refugee and Entrant Assistance” funds on page 917.  

Ryan Supports the Release of Criminal Aliens 

Ryan's omnibus spending bill does nothing to change the enforcement priorities that  Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson established  that would shield entire categories of criminal aliens from immigration law. Also, it  did not include language recommended by Senator Sessions and Senator Shelby to “deny the expenditure of funds to issue visas to countries that refuse to repatriate criminal aliens.”  (14) 

Ryan Supports Quadrupling of H-2B Foreign Worker Visas  

Tucked 700 pages into Ryan's omnibus spending bill was language that would resuscitate and expand a controversial provision of the Schumer-Rubio Gang of Eight plan to increase the H-2B visa program despite Ryan's pledge not to move an immigration compromise with President Obama . (15)

Immigration attorney Ian Smith writes that the provision “would quadruple the number of H-2B visas for unskilled guest workers, for a total of more than 250,000.”  Smith explains the Americans who fill these jobs are typically “society's most vulnerable — including single women, the disabled, the elderly, minorities, teenagers, students, and first-generation immigrants.” (16)  This program allows businesses to discriminate against American workers and “deliberately den[y] jobs to American workers so they can hire foreign workers on H-2 visas instead,” revealed a recent exposé . (17)

Ryan Supports Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens 

The expansion of the President's expiring child tax credits was preserved by Ryan's omnibus spending bill.  Furthermore, there was no accompanying language to prevent illegal aliens from receiving those tax credits.  Attempts to include language by U.S. Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions in the bill that would prevent illegal aliens from receiving tax credits was rejected.  

Ryan Supports Huge Spending Increases 

The Obama-Boehner budget deal, which eliminated spending caps, and will increase both defense and non-defense spending next year by $25 billion more each is funded by Ryan's omnibus spending bill.  (18) 

Ryan Is Against A Border Fence

 The American people were promised a 700-mile double-layer border fence nearly a decade ago with the passage of the 2006 Secure Fence Act.  (19)  However, its construction was never completed because funding for the fence was later eliminated.  Ryan's omnibus spending bill did not require funds to be allocated to finish the construction of the 700-mile double-layer fence despite heightened media focus over the Americans' desire for this barrier to illegal entry. 

Ryan's omnibus spending bill was designed to keep these fights out of Congress by getting them off the table for good by locking in President Obama's refugee, immigration, and spending priorities.  To suppress public attention to these issues is Ryan's goal by delivering Obama these wins–and pushing these issues beyond the purview of Congress.   

Ryan Defends cuts to military retirement  

Ryan's omnibus spending bill included controversial cuts to military retirement pay which Ryan defended by saying that the need for military compensation reform is “undeniable.”  (20)  Representative Ryan wrote in a USA Today oped that  “For me, there's simply no choice between responsible reforms of military compensation and making what our military leadership has called ‘disproportionate cuts to military readiness and modernization.   Every time we kick the can down the road, we put our troops' combat readiness at risk. This agreement put forward one reform option, and I invite others to do the same.” (21)  

Ryan and the Second Amendment  

In 2014, Speaker Ryan voted for the Thompson-King amendment, an anti-gun amendment that would add an additional $19.5 million to pay states to turn in more names to the federal gun-ban (NICS) list.  (22)  On guns Ryan has not had many tough (recorded) votes.  However, what he proposes to do is very scary. For example, when Universal Background Checks were on the table in 2013, he did not discourage the Senate to defeat anti-gun legislation but encouraged a debate on an “acceptable” gun control package.  In January 2013, speaking on Meet the Press openness to new gun laws was expressed by Ryan saying the “question of whether or not a criminal is getting a gun is a question we need to look at.” (23) Also, “We need to look into making sure there aren't big loopholes where a person can illegally purchase a firearm,” opined Speaker Ryan  (24) 

Ryan Bails Out Puerto Rico 

The Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, (PROMESA) represents Paul Ryan's first big victory as Speaker.  The House of Representatives decided that debt-ridden Puerto Rico is simply too big to fail but what about the island's bondholders, many of whom are regular Americans, saving for retirement. Instead of standing by the rule of law and supporting free markets, the liberal arm of government (bolstered this time by conservatives in the House leadership) select the economy's winners and losers. (25) 

The House's Natural Resources Committee fast tracked out this neo-Chapter 9 bankruptcy bill (26) that passed in the House of Representatives with the support of Speaker Paul Ryan's leadership with only 139 Republicans and 158 Democrats voting for it. 

The bailout bill concocted by the Obama administration is so poorly designed it likely will allow Puerto Rico to fund its government employee pensions before it pays back the bondholders.  This crony bill puts Big Labor before hard working Americans and investors who purchased bonds from Puerto Rico in good faith similar to the 2008 auto bailout, where the unions were placed in the front of the creditors' line and paid more than everyone else.  (27) 

Bondholders, the majority of whom are average Americans who invested their life savings to purchase Puerto Rico debt, would be stripped of their existing legal rights to sue for payment by the measure. The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority issued about $1.5 billion in bonds alone that were purchased by hard working Americans who now are placed at the back of the creditor bus. 

The creation of a 7-member Oversight Board, whose members will be appointed by Congress and President Barack Obama is receiving most of the scrutiny on PROMESA. The board's power goes beyond being able to put the fiscal brakes on island spending.  (28)  For example, the board in an unprecedented fashion can vote to stay any and all creditor litigation past the February 2017 deadline created in the legislation. 

Essentially, because the Puerto Rican government mismanaged its money for decades, Congress is demanding that average Americans throw away their rights to recover their investment.  Congress has never delegated to any oversight board the ability to extend a stay on litigation or has it authorized a stay on creditor litigation.   

Also, Puerto Rico's constitution that explicitly states bondholders hold “absolute priority over all other debts and expense of the Puerto Rican Government, is violated by PROMESA.   The island's constitution was ratified by Congress, approving this measure and reaffirmed it when it approved the implementation of Puerto Rico's constitutional debt limit. in 1961. Furthermore, “no private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” is noted in the fifth amendment of the U.S. Constitution. As a result taxpayers will be forced to pay the debt owed to bondholders – the very debt that Puerto Rico will not if lawsuits by bondholders prevail in court. Simply, it will become another bailout by the taxpayers.  Once again Speaker Ryan does not think about the American taxpayer but supported a bill that revoked bondholders' rights, rewarded the reckless government of Puerto Rico and its unstainable pension system, and Big Labor. 

Final Thoughts 

In Wisconsin, on Tuesday, August 9, 2016, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) is facing a primary challenge.  Speaker Ryan like many establishment Republicans is the reason the culture of corruption prevails in Washington, and he is one of many that is responsible for America living in a post-Constitution period.  Instead of fighting to stop President Barack Obama's radical agenda, they supported it.  No longer does America have a government that representatives the will of the people or the rule of law but is government for and by cronyism.  Ryan has supported the bail out of Puerto Rico, tax credits for illegal aliens, illegal alien resettlement, refugee programs, Mideast immigration programs, release of criminal aliens, increasing  H-2B foreign worker visas, huge spending increases, is against a border fence, and supports sanctuary cities, but defends military retirement cuts that have been earned by Americas service members. The needs of illegal aliens Speaker Ryan puts above those of Americas military retires that have risked their lives in the defense of this nation, not like the tens of millions of illegals that have criminally invaded America.  If the voters of Wisconsin believe in returning America back to a nation of political leaders that will return America back to a Constitutional rule of law that puts Americans firsts, and will fight the expansion of big government interventionism, they will not vote for the reelection of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.  He has funded disastrous policies that have denied the needs and wishes of the America people he is supposed to represent and has prioritized the interest of foreign nationals and global corporatists.   

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