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Emergency Supplemental Wartime Appropriations Act  (HR 1268)

The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on Wednesday, March 16, 2005, on the Emergency Supplemental Wartime Appropriations Act (HR 1268). (To view the full text of the legislation visit: Full text of legislation)

The measure provides $200 million in economic and infrastructure assistance to West Bank and Gaza territories.  The funds are bound by existing laws and authorities and shall not be used as direct cash assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA).  In addition, the committee includes statutory language requiring the General Accounting Office (GAO) to carefully track the execution of the funds by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This funding is part of a request from the White House for $81.9 billion in emergency funding, which is mostly to finance operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The PA is not working effectively toward the end of terrorism.   PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has decided that the terrorist infrastructure will be integrated into the Palestinian security forces, such as Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad instead of being dismantled.  In fact, Abbas continues to play both sides of the issue while reiterating the same demands as Yasser Arafat.  Groups (especially Fatah cells) that are linked to Hizbullah are trying to carry out attacks within Israel. And Hamas has used the “cease-fire” to rebuild its military capabilities.  The PA continues the same “revolving door” policy from the past when it would arrest suspects involved in terror against Israel but releases them shortly after. Furthermore, some senior terrorists, who are in hiding because of their acts of terrorism, are still engaged in arms trade and the transfer of weapons within Mukata [Ramallah offices of PA Chairman Abbas]. The terror organizations are preparing for the day that the calm ends and are engaged nonstop in making contacts with additional terrorists.  Providing foreign aid to the PA sends the wrong message that encourages and emboldens terrorists.  Such actions convey to the terrorists that terrorism does not have to be defeated and that ultimately the US and Israel will eventually capitulate by further attacks.  For the US to provide any funds at all, the PA must dismantle and unconditionally defeat terrorist organizations.  Negotiation with terrorists must not be tolerated.

Also, the Supplemental budget includes too much extraneous spending and is not urgent or supplemental.  The measure includes money for items that are not directly related to military operations (PA Funding).  The administration has effectively circumvented Congressional oversight by using the emergency bill to finance an array of programs.  

What Can You Do?      

Urge your representative TO NOT SUPPORT Emergency Supplemental Wartime Appropriations Act (HR 1268).  

Contact Information:      

Capitol Hill Switchboard Numbers: 202-225-3121 or 202-224-3121 (Those numbers will direct you to the Capitol Hill operator. Ask for representative's office.)

To go to your representative's website, find his E-mail or to find out who your representatives are... http://www.house.gov/house/MemberWWW.html.     

To electronically mail your U.S. House of Representative, go to http://www.house.gov/htbin/wrep_findrep.

Addressing Correspondence:   

The Honorable (full name)
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

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