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Senate to Vote on US Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch

A quick vote is expected at any time in the Senate on Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.  The Senate has finally reached an agreement to clear the long-stalled anti-human trafficking bill after settling on new language to restrict public money going to pay for abortions.  To approve the nomination of Lynch a new projection has five Republicans joining Senate Democrats.  It is being predicted that by a very narrow margin Lynch will be confirmed in one of the closets recent votes for attorney general.  As a result of the slim GOP support coupled with the universal support of the Democrat caucus Lynch will receive 51 votes.  Immediate action is needed for one to contact their senators and urge them to vote NO on the nomination of Loretta Lynch as US attorney general.

In both chambers of Congress the American electorate gave Republicans a strong majority in November.  The reason this occurred was the American people were tired of President Barack Obama's liberal radical agenda and they wanted the Congress to serve as a check and balance to stop his expansive agenda.  Unfortunately, the new Republican Congress has been extremely disappointing in the first few months of the new session. 

President Obama has nominated another extreme liberal United States (U.S.) Attorney for the Eastern District of New York to replace outgoing US Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr.  And for everything Attorney General Holder has done, Lynch expressed support in her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.  In her testimony she told U.S. Senator of North Carolina Richard Burr (R) that she would pursue an agenda that “ would not be different” from Attorney General Holder if confirmed. It should be extremely troubling to every American that she would continue to pursue Eric Holders unlawful liberal policies.   One reason to disqualify her for attorney general which should be enough is Lynch's support of the President's lawless executive amnesty.  Without Congressional approval, President Obama decreed the halt of deportations for 5 million illegal aliens, who will qualify for work permits and benefits totally $35,000 annually immediately.  Also, because of a loophole in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) under the President's amnesty, businesses will have a $3,000-per-employee incentive to hire illegal aliens over native born workers. The illegal aliens that qualify for work permits are ineligible to purchase insurance on Obamacare's health exchanges. However, businesses who hire them would not have to pay a penalty for not providing the health coverage under Obamacare which would make them $3000 more attractive then a similar native – born employee, whom the business would have to cover by law. 

US Attorney Loretta Lynch made the incredulous statement in her testimony before the committee that all illegal aliens have a “right to work.” She is just another Obama official that does not believe in the rule of law and if confirmed would not uphold her constitutional oath. What she should have said is the U.S. government has the right to arrest these illegal aliens criminals and deport them to their country of origin not the right to enjoy the benefits of secure employment. 

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, on a 12 to 8 vote the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination of Loretta Lynch, and sent it to the full Senate for consideration.  The three Republican senators are: Jeff Flake (Arizona), Orrin Hatch (Utah) and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina).  And in her battle for confirmation four Republican Senators are supporting her which include the three from the Senate judiciary Committee mentioned and Susan Collins (Maine).  

To confirm Loretta Lynch these four Republicans will be enough if nothing changes and if she receives the unanimous support of all 46 Senate Democrats.  Vice-President Joseph R Biden Jr. will cast the deciding vote in favor of Loretta Lynch in case of a 50 – 50 tie in support of her.  Also, there are several uncommitted republican senators including:  Mark Kirk (Illinois) and Lamar Alexander (Tennessee).  Alexander, however, especially because of her “refusal to put limits on the President's executive power,” is somewhat uncomfortable with Loretta Lynch. 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) is another undecided senator. If Loretta Lynch supported the President's executive action granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, McConnell previously promised to oppose Lynch. However, now McConnell is non-committal as the vote is nearing. 

Supports Partial-birth Abortion 

Loretta Lynch admitted to pro-life Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham (R) that she once signed onto a brief the Planned Parenthood abortion business submitted in its legal battles to overturn the Congressional ban on partial-birth abortions-during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The ban on the gruesome abortion procedure was upheld as the Supreme Court eventually sided against Planned Parenthood in the partial birth abortion case.  Before the Supreme Court Lynch signed on to an amicus brief where she served as an amici in favor of Planned Parenthood. The ban against murdering of partially born children was “unconstitutionally, vague and threatens the integrity of the criminal justice system. 

In Gonzales v. Carhart, the Supreme Court announced its opinion on April 18, 2007, holding that constitutional was the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act.  And as many as 15,000 such abortions have been stopped by the ban. 

Loretta Lynch has covered up money laundering by drug lords and terrorist 

As U.S. Attorney, Loretta Lynch in 2012, arranged a mere slap-on-the wrist settlement with the world's second-largest bank HSBC, for laundering billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels and Middle Eastern terrorists.  A report by Garth Kant on Friday, March 13, 2015, in WND.com said HSBC was allowed to enter into a “ deferred prosecution” the settlement, which ended the investigation and stop the filing of criminal charges by this wrist-slap $1.9 billion fine paid to the U.S. government, and admission of “willful criminal conduct.”  

It is believed that the laundering is still continuing do to the lack of oversight the  by Loretta Lynch according to the whistleblower and former HSBC Vice-President John Cruz.   

Government prosecutors in France  “want the Swiss bank tried on suspicion of money laundering related to tax fraud and unlawful soliciting of clients… adding the ‘habitual' manner of the alleged fraud made it an aggravated crime,” reported Le Monde on Friday, March 13, 2015.  And after reports it helped customers to conceal millions of dollars of assets in a period up to 2007,” HSBC faces a renewed investigation by U.S. authorities and British lawmakers. 

Also, on details of his allegations John Cruz has been recently interviewed by Senate investigators.  Explaining to WND.com that HSBC bank auditors had told him in 2009 that managers and compliance officers in New York were fully aware the London-headquartered bank was engaged in a criminal scheme to launder money internationally for Mexican drug cartels and Middle Eastern terrorists which Cruz called the 1.9 billion HSCB fine “a joke.” 

Cruz said, “the auditor's warned me investigating the money laundering could cost me my job. The auditors told in 2009 that nobody in the bank  was going to go to jail and that HSBC had already put aside $2 billion in reserves to pay the fine. They somehow had reason to suspect back then that the Department of Justice would demand to settle the case.” 

The nomination of Loretta Lynch as attorney general is being opposed by a left – leaning  advocacy group. American Family Voices saying that she is not tough enough on Wall Street.  Lynch's role as the federal prosecutor in a 2012 money laundering case involving Mexican and Colombian drug cartels was cited by the group.  In a statement on Friday, March 13, 2015, president of the group Mike Lux said, “Wall Street bankers have already proven that they will continue to flout financial regulations because they know that the [Department of Justice] will not pursue charges. It's time to prosecute bankers for criminal activity, period.“ 

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) asked Lynch after her confirmation hearing in February, “Why do you believe that concluding an investigation into $881 million money laundering without a single indictment or fine of an individual is a satisfactory result?” Securing “perhaps the most stringent [terms] ever imposed on financial institution” noting that “virtually all of the senior executives who oversaw HSBC's flawed compliance program were replaced,” is how Lynch defended her actions.  

An attorney general nominee should be a strict constructionist that will have a total disregard for their personal belief.  This is not the case for Loretta Lynch based on her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Asking Lynch who had more right to work in the U.S. — illegal immigrants, lawful immigrants or American citizens US Senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions (R) threw the U.S. attorney a softball. Lynch replied, “Senator I believe the right and the obligation to work is one that's shared by everyone in this country, regardless of how they came here. And certainly, if someone is here — regardless of status — I would prefer that they be participating in the workplace than not participating in the workplace." 

Tragically, Lynch is a nominee whose personal "preferences" trump any fealty for justice.  Her strange declaration that illegals have "a right" to work in the U.S. is more disturbing a law she apparently made up signaling I am the state—"L'Etat, c'est moi"

On various Obama administration hot-button issues such as homosexual “marriage” and on scandals including the "Fast and Furious" guns-to-Mexican drug lords debacle and the targeting of political dissidents by the Internal Revenue Service Lynch stonewalled. For example, "With respect to the IRS investigation, I am generally aware that there is an investigation going on but it's not a matter that's either being conducted by my office or that I've been briefed on as United States attorney so I am not able to comment on the status now."  Furthermore, unless she means briefed by the likes of White House political adviser Valerie Jarrett on how to protect US Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr this is disingenuous.  A simple declaration of fealty to the law would have been a far better answer.

All this suggests the mindset of a political operative rather than someone committed to justice. For Congress, that means more corruption, more scandals, more stiff-arming and more oddly invented laws to benefit special interests.

A clear rebuke to President Obama would be a successful resistance on Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch.  Furthermore, Republicans would at least firmly demonstrate that they are unwilling to participate in the neutering of their own constitutional powers. 

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What Can You Do?  

 Urge your senators to NOT SUPPORT   the nomination of Loretta Lynch as US attorney general.

The following Republican senators should be targeted:

Lamar Alexander (Tennessee): (202) 224-4944 

Susan Collins (Maine): (202) 224-2523 

Jeff Flake (Arizona): (202) 224-4521 

Lindsey Graham (South Carolina): (202) 224-5972 

Orrin Hatch (Utah): (202) 224-5251 

Mark Kirk (Illinois): (202) 224-2854 

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky): (202) 224-2541

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Capitol Hill Switchboard Number: 202-224-3121 (This number will direct you to the Capitol Hill operator. Ask for your senators office.)

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