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State Children's Health Insurance Program Is Just Big Government Socialized Medicine

For Immediate Release. September 28, 2007 The Democrat  controlled Congress passed a $35 billion expansion to the State Children's Health Insurance Program ( S – CHIP) a major middle class entitlement program.

On September 25, 2007, the House of Representatives passed the measure by a 265-159 vote which fell short of the two – thirds majority required to override President Bush's promised veto of this bill that more than doubles current spending on children's health care over the next five years to $60 billion.  Once again 45 Republicans abandon the conservative principle against big government and voted in favor of this program's expansion while eight Democrats voted against it .

On September 27, 2007, the Senate voted 67-29 to increase spending on S – CHIP for the next five years from about $5 billion to $12 billion annually.  This vote is enough to override President Bush's veto threat.  However to win a veto override both chambers of Congress would have to get a two – thirds majority. 

Democrats continued with their dirty tricks to try and socialize America's health care system.  For example, representatives were expected to be ready to debate the bill on September 25, 2007.  However, Republicans received the 300 page bill after 6:30 p.m. on September 24, 2007.  Furthermore, the measure was submitted under a closed rule that allowed for no amendments to be offered and severely limited needed debate on the issue. 

Threatening to crowd out the private healthcare industry the bill's aim is to insure more than children from low income families.  It would provide coverage for families with incomes as much as $83,000 annually.  Furthermore, S – CHIP is just a step forward towards a nationalized health care. 

Years ago, the purpose of the First Lady Hillary Clinton's 1993 health care “reform” task force was to bestow on this nation, government paid health care; one proposed program was S – CHIP's.  To create a Trojan Horse named Kids First was one proposed approach.  “Under this approach health care reform is phased in by population (group), beginning with the most vulnerable of our citizens – children,” stated the task force report.  Also, it was admitted in the report that it “is really a precursor to the new (universal) system.”

Tragically, after the failure of HillaryCare a Republican controlled Congress passed legislation in 1997 to create what was thought to be a modest program (S – CHIP) to provide coverage for children in families whose income was up to twice the poverty level or $40,000 annually. 

As it is in Europe and Canada, Congressional Democrats believe that health insurance should be available to everyone and paid for by the hard working overtaxed American taxpayer. Wrongly, the number of children covered by government health care programs has been increasing.  For example, Medicaid provided coverage for 29 million low – income children and S – CHIP covered seven million children in 2006, which compared with 1998 was a 20 percent increase from 28 percent of all children to 48 percent. 

Congressional Democrats want to expand S – CHIP because there are still children without health insurance although the exact number is uncertain.  For example, for a year or more the Bush administration has estimated that two million children are uninsured.  On the other hand, for part of a year five million children lack health insurance estimates the Congressional Budget Office.

Many parents do not see a need to register their children for S – CHIP.  Also parents may have to take unpaid time off from work to register their children which are basically healthy.  On the other hand, if a child becomes ill and visits a physician or an emergency room and lacks health insurance coverage, the child is usually signed up for S – CHIP or Medicaid on the spot .  As a result, the numbers with no care are overstated by the numbers of children listed as “uninsured.”

The expansion of the S – CHIP increases the role of government and diminishes  individual responsibility and choice within private markets.  According to the Census Bureau, the Congress is expanding an entitlement to families who currently spend more per household on restaurants than on health care.

On Tuesday, September 25, 2007, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) said, “Today I think more to the Bible and I say to the President –Mr. President please don't veto this bill. Please do not give new meaning to the words ‘suffer little children.'”  If the Speaker is going to quote the Bible she should live her life according to it and should not forget Exodus 20:16 which is the ninth commandment of the Ten Commandments which states, “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor which simply means do not lie about others,'”  said Dr. Joel P. Rutkowski, president of the American Voice Institute of Public Policy. He added, “ President Bush has proposed an increase in S – CHIP funding by $5 billion over five years or a 20 percent increase. The purpose of this program contrary to the lies of Speaker Nancy Pelosi is to encourage millions of families to switch from private insurance to the government's plan.  And this expansion would be a big victory for advocates of single – payment government – run health insurance or socialized medicine. One only needs to look to Canada and the United Kingdom to see that America does not need socialized medicine that reduces the quality and access to health care as well as results in many needless deaths. For these reasons and that America faces a looming national bankruptcy from the planned spending under Social Security and Medicare of $50 trillion, President Bush should veto this expansion of a middle class entitlement program.”

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Joel P. Rutkowski, P.h.D.
President, The American Voice Institute Of Public Policy

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