Immorality Stance Gets Property Owner in Trouble

An Akron, Ohio property owner should not have denied housing to an unmarried couple based on religious beliefs ruled a civil rights agency.  The Akron Beacon Journal reported that Dave Grey was wrong to refuse rental to Danielle Levingston, her fiancé, Todd Roberts, their child and three of Levingston’s children said the Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC).

In October, the issue arose when Grey kept asking Levingston when she was going to get married after she sought to rent a home from him.  She said, ”I told him that we wanted to get our martial home and get our finances together before we got married.”

The newspaper reported that then Grey reportedly told Levingston that she would not inherit the Kingdom of God, and his treatment of her was based on love and the Scriptures.  God’s Word gave him wisdom, and one of God’s commandments was not to live in impurity he added.

A complaint with the OCRC was filed by Levingston.  Now the OCRC is trying to mediate a remedy between Levingston and Grey.  To pay unspecified damages, be monitored, and agree to cease the behavior is what Levingston wants of Grey.  It is illegal to deny housing because the landlord has different values than applicants say Ohio fair housing advocates.

(“Landlord ‘Wrong’ for Marriage Stand,”, February 28, 2002)

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