Virginia State Employee Wins Religious Freedom Case

Raymond Barosse, a Virginia State employee won his religious freedom case after he was fired for handing out Christian literature at work.  In November 1999, the Veteran Virginia Department of Health (VDH) worker was fired for distributing the tracks during non-working time.

In November, a lawsuit filed charged VDH offices with violating Barosse’s First Amendment right to free speech and free exercise of religion and his Fourteenth Amendment right to equal protection as a religious person.  The state is required to pay compensation to Barosse for his termination and to issue an advisory memorandum to all VDH managers to respect and abide by legal protection for religious employees by the recent settlement.

Rutherford Institute president John Whitehead said, “Government employees throughout the country too easily forget that the law requires accommodation of the religious speech and activities of public employees.”

(“Employee Wins Tract Distributing Lawsuit,” Maranatha Christian Journal,” March 1, 2002.)

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