Woman Fights City Hall for Jesus

People who love the Lord must stand up for their beliefs says a Christian woman who recently took on an Arizona city and won the right to stage a “March for Jesus” parade.

A Christian, Alice Benson, sought legal help when city officials in Douglas, Arizona refused to issue her a permit for the March for Jesus.  The city relented, and the parade was held on May 18, 2002, because the city was faced with going to federal court for violating Benson’s constitutional rights.

Based solely on the fact that it was a Christian event, Benson says the city was discriminating.  It is vital for Christians to take a stand and not be denied says Benson.

She said, “I believe very strongly that as a Christian you do have to stand up for what is rightfully yours in this country.  If we don’t, we’re going to lose our rights.  As Christians, it is very important because we do love and want to show Him off.  Yes, you do whatever it takes to get your rights filled.”

Since 1998, the battle with Douglas officials has been going on says Benson.  However, she decided to enlist the help of the Alliance Defense Fund, which won her the right to hold the parade this year.

(Rusty Pugh, “Christian Parade Organizer Wouldn’t Take ‘No’ for an Answer,”  AgapePress, May 23, 2002)


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