Christian Fired for Speaking Faith

At a company-sponsored party a Christian employee was fired for talking about church attendance to a new colleague.  To fight for compensation and damages, Ken Weiss returned to court on February 5, 2002. 

Originally awarded $129,000 by a jury verdict that was later overturned by a judge, this marks the second trial for Weiss.  The case stems from a day in 1993, when, after a causal conversation with another employee, Weiss received written notice of his termination from REN laboratories of Florida.

After noticing a new employee’s crucifix, Weiss' wife asked what church the woman attended indicated the Rutherford Institute (RI) who represents Weiss.  He “shared some of the benefits of church attendance when the woman indicated that she did not attend church but should.”

Later, the woman told her supervisors that the exchange made her uncomfortable.  In Weiss’ dismissal notice, he was accused of lecturing.  However, an employee who witnessed the exchange of words said Weiss did not attempt to “harass or proselytize” and had been polite indicated RI.

By not giving Weiss a verbal correction form, written warning, and final warning prior to terminating him, REN breached their own company policy said RI.  The trial on February 5, 2002, was the result of the first judge’s decision being overturned by an appeals court.

(“Fired Christian’s ‘Party Talk’ Lawsuit,” Charisma Online News Service, February 5, 2002)


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