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By Supporting Civil Unions, President Bush Gives Ligitimacy to  Homosexual Marriage

For Immediate Release. October 28 , 2004 - Athough President George W. Bush remains opposed to homosexual marriage and supports a constitutional amendment that prevents courts from imposing same-sex marriage, he does not oppose civil unions as he told Charles Gibson on “Good Morning America” in an interview aired by ABC on October 26, 2004.  

The President said, “I don't think we should deny people the rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that's what a state chooses to do.  [S]tates ought to be able to have the right to pass laws that enable people to, you know, be able to have rights, like others.”  

“The President erroneously believes that homosexuals do not have the same rights as every other individual which is not the case.  What homosexual activists want is special rights which is morally and ethically wrong,” said Dr. Joel P. Rutkowski, president of the American Voice Institute of Public Policy.  He continued,  “By the President recognizing civil unions, he supports legislation that does not have a moral code mandate for the society at large and denies morality itself as a rational basis for legislation.  Such a belief sets a precedent for a destructive impact for the society as a whole.  And what the President tragically does not realize is that by recognizing civil unions he brings justification and credibility for the legitimization for homosexual marriage because they are one in the same. ”  

There is no legal justification for granting homosexual special rights with regards to civil unions or same-sex marriage.  For example, many homosexual activists have said that the reason they are seeking the same status as heterosexuals regarding marriage is that partners are denied routinely the right to hospital visits.  However, this is incorrect because final authority over who may visit an adult patient rests with that individual unless a physician limits visitations for medical reasons.  If, on the other hand, a patient is unable to express their wishes as a result of being rendered unconsciousness or mental incapacity, it is a situation in which there could be a possibility in which blood relatives of a patient might attempt to exclude the patient's homosexual partner.  To address this concern, a health care proxy, or the legal right to make medical decisions for the patient and a power of attorney or the right to make all legal decisions for another individual can be granted to homosexual partners by each other.  

Also, homosexual activists have shifted the debate recently in that another reason for same-sex marriage is Social Security survivor benefits.  However, marital status of parents does not determine social security benefits for children, even children of divorced or never-married parents.  Under current law survivor benefits for the legal (biological or adopted) children of homosexual parents (as opposed to their partners) are already available.   

So one can clearly see that there is no reason legally to support civil-unions and it is disingenuous for the President to even convey to the American people that homosexuals are being denied rights that other citizens have because this untrue.

Dr. Rutkowski concluded, “The President is deceiving himself to believe that he has solidified his base to the point that he can pander to the homosexual community, without effecting how social conservatives will vote this coming Tuesday.  Such actions will not sway voters from the homosexual community to vote for the President but will cause social conservatives to feel betrayed on a very important moral issue.  What the President needs to do is stop listening to political advisers and polls and do what is morally and ethically right and say to social conservatives he was wrong.  His actions will not cause them to switch their vote to Senator Kerry but instead will result in them deciding not to participate in the democratic process which could cause the President to lose the race for the White House in a very close election.”  

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Joel P. Rutkowski, P.h.D.
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