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Praising Congress for Supporting Israel's War on Terror

For Immediate Release. May 2, 2002Both the Senate (Lieberman Amendment No. 3389) and the House of Representatives (Expressing Solidarity with Israel in its Fight Against Terrorism, House Resolution 392) should be praised for passing resolutions supporting Israel in its recent military campaign as Israel fights for its survival and wages war on terrorism. The resolution passed by the House mentioned the terrorist Yasser Arafat by name and accused him of supporting ongoing terrorist events in a wave of bombings this spring against Israel. Unfortunately, however, the Senate resolution was not as strongly worded and Arafat was not identified by name in this measure.

Furthermore, the President was wrong to try and stall these resolutions, fearing that peace-seeking efforts in the Middle East would be damaging. The President made his position absolutely clear last September. He said that the only way to defeat terrorism is to stop it, eliminate it and destroy it where it grows. However, in the case of Israel, the President and the State Department led by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell believe that there has to be a link between security and the political process.

This premise, however, is greatly flawed, for when it comes to dealing with terrorism there can never be a political solution. The only way to defeat terrorism is eliminate it as well as those that perpetrate it. Sadly the Administration believes that by addressing the grievances of Yasser Arafat the terrorist with political concessions this will provide him incentives to engage in the peace process. However, what such actions do is to encourage him to engage in more terror. This is what Israel has learned from the Oslo Accords.

Yasser Arafat will continue to allow his followers to rein terror upon innocent Israeli citizens. The only reason he wants Israeli troops to withdraw from their areas of occupation is so his terrorists can be affective at carrying out their murderous tasks.

"What Secretary Powell and the President fail to realize is that no matter how many chances Arafat is given, he will never change and will always be a terrorist," said Dr. Joel P. Rutkowski, president of the American Voice Institute of Public Policy. "He is not a man of peace but on a mission that calls for the total annihilation of Israel. Such a belief, of giving Arafat just one more chance will only lead to one thing the death of more innocent Israeli citizens at the hands of these murderous terrorists. Yasser Arafat can only be viewed as what he is, a modern day Hitler that only cares about how many Jews he can murder."

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