Personal Health June 18-24

1.      Heart risks lower in men who get enough vitamin D

2.      Adolescents' Dieting and Disordered Eating Behaviors Continue Into Young Adulthood, Study Finds

3.      Drug Use May Play Role in 25% of Driver Deaths, Study Finds

4.      Prenatal folic acid doesn't boost sons' fertility

5.      Snacking Totals a Quarter of Daily Calories for Many

6.      Amylin study shows insignificant heart rhythm link

7.      More Autism Diagnoses in High-Tech Areas, Study Finds

8.      New Biomarker May Help With Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

9.      No sign scans after testicle cancer cause new tumors

10. Contaminated Cocaine Triggers Decaying, Dying Skin

11. Less Invasive Colon Surgery Results in Fewer Blood Clots: Study

12. TV and soda: small habits cause weight creep

13. Long-Term Inhaled Corticosteroid Use Increases Fracture Risk in Lung Disease Patients, Study Finds

14. Report: Fight fat even in toddlers, preschoolers

15. Large Numbers of Birth Defects Seen Near Mountaintop Mining Operations

16. Could a Dangerous Fungus Lurk in Your Dishwasher?

17. More evidence air pollution may be a heart risk

18. Clues to Alzheimer's May Reside in Spinal Fluid

19. B vitamins in pregnancy not tied to baby's asthma

20. Early Chemical Exposures May Affect Breast Health: Report

21. Resveratrol Studies Confirms Potential Health Boost

22. High-dose statins raise risk of diabetes: study

23. Diabetic Kidney Disease Rising in the U.S.

24. Smoking in pregnancy cuts child's good cholesterol

25. Blueberries Help Lab Rats Build Strong Bones

26. 'My Dishwasher Is Trying to Kill Me': New Research Finds Harmful Fungal Pathogens Living in Dishwasher Seals

27. Study says 1 in 13 US children have food allergy

28. No vitamin D screening in pregnancy: committee

29. Study: Docs overtesting for cervical cancer virus

30. Fat Substitutes Linked to Weight Gain: Rats On High-Fat Diet Gained More Weight After Eating Low-Calorie Potato Chips Made With Fat Substitutes

31. Obesity and lack of exercise linked to chronic pain

32. Millions Don't Get Meds for Serious Artery Disease: Study

33. Diagnosed Autism Is More Common in an IT-Rich Region, Study Finds