Personal Health June 4-10

1.      Deaths no higher in coffee lovers with heart disease

2.      Chemical Found in Foam Cups a Possible Carcinogen

3.      Crawling culprit seen in urban kids' asthma

4.      Study May Dispel Worries About High Levels of Folic Acid

5.      Study Confirms Safety, Cancer-Targeting Ability of Nutrient in Broccoli, Other Vegetables, Researchers Say

6.      Drugs for Enlarged Prostate May Raise Risk of Aggressive Cancer

7.      Will eating more broccoli help you live longer?

8.      Group of blood pressure drugs not linked to cancer

9.      Regular Exercise May Benefit the Brain as Well as the Body

10. Low-fat diet may not increase diabetes risks

11. New Guidelines Put Focus on Vitamin D Deficiency

12. "Silent" strokes less common in physically fit

13. Brain Scans to Spot Alzheimer's May Be Available This Year

14. Shingles May Be Related to Elevated Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

15. Impaired Heart Function Seen in Teens With Type 2 Diabetes

16. Breast Cancer Drug Pushes Colon Cancer Cells to Their Death

17. Dieters More Likely to Trust Food Packaging

18. An Alternative to Antibiotics

19. Apple Ingredient Keeps Muscles Strong: Component of Apple Peels Found to Help Prevent Muscle Weakening in Mice

20. U.S. cancer drugs shortage has doctors scrambling

21. Fetal Exposure to BPA Changes Development of Uterus in Primates, Study Suggests

22. Age Alone May Not Cause Testosterone to Fall

23. Bisphenol A (BPA) Accumulates More Rapidly Within the Body Than Previously Thought

24. Chronic Pot Smoking Affects Brain Chemistry, Scans Show

25. High Amounts of the Hormone Leptin Are Linked to Decreased Depression

26. Childhood Cancer Survivors at Greater Risk for Tumors as Adults

27. Smokers show higher risk of leg artery disease

28. Supplement Found to Improve Quality of Life for Female Cancer Survivors

29. Exercise Helps Men Battling Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

30. Leucine Deprivation Proves Deadly to Malignant Melanoma Cells

31. Ovarian cancer screening doesn't save lives: study

32. Yo-Yo Dieting Vs. Obesity? Dieters May Be Healthier, Live Longer, Mouse Study Suggests

33. Flaxseed Fails as Treatment for Hot Flashes