Personal Health May 28 June 3


1.      Omega-3 fats linked to lower diabetes risk

2.      Concussions Tied to Verbal Memory Loss in Young Athletes

3.      Drifting Pesticides May Endanger People in Nearby Workplaces

4.      How High-Fat Diet During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Stillbirth

5.      Vegans may be at risk for low iodine: study

6.      Mental Illness Linked to Greater Risk of Death After Heart Attack

7.      Eating Dirt Can Be Good for the Belly, Researchers Find

8.      Saliva Test Spots Virus That Can Cause Hearing Loss in Newborns

9.      Mechanism Discovered for Health Benefit of Green Tea, New Approach to Autoimmune Disease

10. U.S. says no cancer risk from blood pressure drugs

11. Scientists Find Way to Block Stress-Related Cell Death: New Drug Target for Heart Attack, Stroke and Parkinson's Disease?

12. Pyramid tossed, dinner plate is new U.S. meals plan

13. Diabetes risk in pregnancy tied to weight change

14. Baked goods may improve milk allergy symptoms

15. Many ways food can get tainted from farm to fork

16. Male Heart Disease May Be Linked to Mom's Lifetime Nutrition

17. Deadly Bacteria May Mimic Human Proteins to Evolve Antibiotic Resistance

18. ERs Frequented by Kids With Behavioral Problems: Report

19. Low-Carb, Higher-Fat Diets Add No Arterial Health Risks to Obese People Seeking to Lose Weight, Studies Suggest

20. Diabetics show higher risk of pancreas disease

21. Two-Thirds of Newly Diagnosed U.S. Cancer Patients Unable to Obtain Oncology Appointments, Study Suggests

22. Earpieces Can Minimize Possible Risks From Cellphones, Experts Say

23. How Vitamins and Minerals May Prevent Age-Related Diseases

24. Can Removing Tonsils, Appendix Boost Early Heart Attack Risk?

25. Blueberry's Effects on Cholesterol Examined in Lab Animal Study

26. Dangerous Bacteria Found on Cell Phones of Hospital Patients

27. Hospitals hunt substitutes as drug shortages rise

28. Why Childhood Obesity? It's So Much More Than What Kids Eat

29. Kids with stubborn asthma may have food allergy

30. Cellphones a 'possible' carcinogen like coffee

31. Mouse virus doesn't cause chronic fatigue: reports

32. In Diabetics, Good Scores on Bone Tests May Not Rule Out Risk

33. Diabetes may shorten working life

34. Zeroing in on Alzheimer's Disease

35. More evidence for PTSD, heart disease link

36. Noncoding RNA May Promote Alzheimer's Disease

37. Stay away from energy drinks, doctors say

38. Aging: Peroxisomes Have Two Independent Proliferation Mechanisms

39. Stress doesn't raise risk of MS: study