Personal Health May 14-20



1.      Study Sees Link Between Psoriasis, Obesity in Kids

2.      Gluten not linked to babies' risk of diabetes: study

3.      Psoriasis, High Blood Pressure May Be Linked

4.      High Iron, Copper Levels Block Brain-Cell DNA Repair

5.      Study Suggests Supplement May Protect Against Preeclampsia

6.      Exercise Helps Women Fight Smoking Cravings, but Effect Is Short-Lived

7.      Sleep Disorder Linked to Heart Rhythm Problems

8.      Study finds supplement may help pregnancy problem

9.      Dairy Consumption Does Not Elevate Heart-Attack Risk, Study Suggests

10. When Pregnant Mom Smokes, Baby's DNA May Change

11. Peanut-eating blood donors spark allergic reaction

12. Selenium Might Help Treat Symptoms in Graves' Eye Disease

13. Simple Fitness Test Could Predict Long-Term Risk for Heart Attack, Stroke in Middle-Aged People

14. Could Coffee Lower Men's Risk for Prostate Cancer?

15. Most women don't need vitamin A pills: study

16. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Linked to Cancer Growth in Mice

17. Can selenium lower cholesterol?

18. Heavy Smoking Tied to Advanced Kidney Cancer

19. Excess weight in elderly makes daily tasks harder

20. Common Anti-Inflammatory Coaxes Liver Cancer Cells to Commit Suicide