Personal Health – May 7-13

1.      Eat Less, Live Longer?

2.      Digestive Problems Early in Life May Increase Risk for Depression, Study Suggests

3.      More signs diabetes drug linked to bladder cancer

4.      Disruption of Nerve Cell Supply Chain May Contribute to Parkinson's

5.      Gene Variant Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death Risk in Blacks

6.      Are C-sections fueling the obesity epidemic?

7.      Lack of Exercise Linked to Higher Heart Disease Risk in Healthy Children as Young as 9

8.      People with diabetes more likely to get cancer

9.      New Discoveries About Tumor-Suppressing Protein Could Help Reduce Treatment Side Effects

10. Do bedbugs carry superbugs?

11. Selenium doesn't prevent cancer: report

12. Scientists Find MRSA Germ in Supermarket Meats

13. Celebrex may curb colon cancer, but with caveats

14. Mild Obesity Appears to Improve Survival in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Patients

15. Shed Skin in Dust May Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

16. Before You Start Bone-Building Meds, Try Dietary Calcium and Supplements, Experts Urge

17. Vitamin D May Prevent Serious Respiratory Disease in Newborns

18. Vitamin D Deficiency in Pneumonia Patients Associated With Increased Mortality

19. Research Suggests 1 in 7 Strokes Happens During Sleep

20. Heart Failure Patients' Osteoporosis Often Undiagnosed, Untreated

21. A Capsule Camera Instead of a Colonoscopy?

22. Beneficial Bacteria Help Repair Intestinal Injury by Inducing Reactive Oxygen Species

23. Colonoscopy Better Than Alternative at Spotting Cancer in Seniors: Study

24. Depression Associated With Poor Medication Adherence in Patients With Chronic Illnesses

25. Are Coffee Drinkers Less Prone to Aggressive Breast Cancer?

26. Mitochondria: Body’s Power Stations Can Affect Aging

27. Mental Decline Common in Women Over 85: Study

28. Heart Medication Best at Bedtime, Animal Study Suggests

29. Acetaminophen tied to blood cancers

30. Lifestyle, diet have little effect on Alzhiemer's

31. Acetaminophen tied to blood cancers

32. Fewer behavior problems for breastfed kids: study

33. Newborn vitamin D levels tied to infection risk

34. Burning the Midnight Oil May Lead to Weight Gain

35. One in seven strokes happens during sleep

36. After Heart Attack, Certain Painkillers May Raise Risk for Recurrence

37. Some get colonoscopies too frequently: study

38. Popular Heartburn Meds May Boost Fracture Risk

39. Parsley, Celery Carry Crucial Component for Fight Against Breast Cancer, Study Suggests