Personal Health March 19-25


1.      Poor Eating Habits May Lead to Anemia in Older Women

2.      U.S. asks if food dyes make kids hyperactive

3.      Stress May Alter Gut Bacteria to Hinder Immune System

4.      Eskimo Study Suggests High Consumption of Omega-3s in Fish-Rich Diet Reduces Obesity-Related Disease Risk

5.      Dark Chocolate May Harbor Benefits for the Heart

6.      Magnet therapy didn't help "ringing in the ears"

7.      More Added Sugars, More Pounds?

8.      Prostate Cancer Spreads to Bones by Overtaking the Home of Blood Stem Cells

9.      'Mini Strokes' Linked to Doubled Heart Attack Risk: Study

10. 'Junk Food' Moms Have 'Junk Food' Babies

11. High Levels of PFCs Might Bring Early Menopause

12. Plant Oil May Hold Key to Reducing Obesity-Related Medical Issues, Researcher Finds

13. Do vitamins stop cancer, heart attacks? Study: no

14. Sleep Less, Eat More: Study

15. Toenail study: No heart risk from mercury in fish

16. Exercise May Blunt Salt's Effect on Hypertension

17. Metabolic Abnormalities in Obese Teens May Relate to Poor Diets

18. Depression May Boost Arthritis Pain

19. Heart drug linked to higher breast cancer risk

20. Whole Grain Cereal May Help Control Blood Pressure

21. Metabolite Levels May Be Able to Improve Diabetes Risk Prediction

22. Poor Diet Linked to Early Signs of Heart Risks in Obese Kids

23. Key Protein Suppresses Prostate Cancer Growth in the Laboratory

24. Fiber May Lessen Lifetime Risk for Heart Problems

25. Melanoma rates higher in wealthy white women

26. Long-term tamoxifen boosts breast cancer survival

27. Extreme preemies at risk for asthma as adults

28. Scientists Create Autism-Like Traits in Mice

29. Ear infections tied to sense of taste, weight