Personal Health March 12-18


1.      Heart disease screens don't change treatment

2.      Resveratrol May Be Useful Tool for Reducing Body Fat

3.      Drug resistance hampers fight against tuberculosis

4.      Less bladder cancer in frequent painkiller users

5.      Breastfed Children Do Better at School, Study Suggests

6.      Rat Study Sheds Light on How Alcohol Affects Young Brain

7.      New Treatment for Thrombosis?

8.      Vitamin E users show lower ALS risk

9.      High Blood Pressure Linked to Drop in Walking Speed, Study Finds

10. Inflammation Behind Heart Valve Disease, Research Suggests

11. Are high-protein diets bad for your colon?

12. ADHD and Prenatal Alcohol Exposure: Comparing Profiles of Learning and Memory Impairments in Two Groups of Children

13. Diets Rich in Vitamin B May Help Prevent PMS, Study Finds

14. Omega-3s linked to less age-related vision loss

15. In Men, Duration of Diabetes Linked to Raised Heart Risk

16. Study: Lack of Vitamin D May Precede Onset of Parkinson's

17. Mental Decline May Start Years Before Alzheimer's

18. Breast cancer may not change lifespan for older women

19. Eating Fish Might Protect Your Eyesight

20. Key Mutations Act Cooperatively to Fuel Aggressive Brain Tumor

21. Stroke More Likely in People With Retinal Disease

22. Antioxidants in Pregnancy Prevent Obesity in Animal Offspring

23. Health Tip: Who's at Risk for Cardiomyopathy