Personal Health February 19-25


1.      Fatty Liver May Herald Impending Type 2 Diabetes

2.      Dairy intake may not mean much for longevity: study

3.      Maternal Fructose Intake Impacts Female and Male Fetuses Differently

4.      Severe Heart Attack No More Deadly to Women Than Men

5.      Probiotic Identified to Treat Ulcers

6.      High good cholesterol linked to long life in men

7.      Steroids to Treat Asthma: How Safe Are They?

8.      PCBs Might Be Linked to Failed IVF Attempts

9.      Vitamin E May Increase or Decrease the Risk of Pneumonia, Depending on Smoking and Exercise

10. Hot flashes, night sweats tied to heart risks

11. Asthma linked to celiac disease

12. PSA spikes are poor predictors of prostate cancer

13. Coffee, Sex, Smog Can All Trigger Heart Attack, Study Finds

14. High Vitamin-D Bread Could Help Solve Widespread Insufficiency Problem

15. More outpatient surgery centers, more surgeries

16. More Evidence Ties Moderate Drinking to Heart Health

17. Air pollution may hurt school kids' lungs

18. Study Unravels Link Between Stress and Chronic Health Issues

19. Study finds clue to chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme

20. Spinal Fusion Surgery May Leave Some Back Pain Patients Worse Off: Study

21. Vitamin D may help keep blood sugar under control

22. Kids Growing Up on Farms Less Likely to Have Asthma

23. Autopsies Reveal Alzheimer's Often Misdiagnosed

24. Blood Test May Find Markers of Bladder Cancer Risk

25. Microchip Spots Cancerous Tumors Within an Hour, Study Shows

26. Huntington's Disease Advance: Overactive Protein Triggers a Chain Reaction That Causes Brain Nerve Cells to Die

27. Laser Technology Might Help Doctors Diagnose Melanoma

28. Cell Phones Affect Areas of the Brain, Study Shows

29. Breast cancer screening less accurate in survivors

30. Plastics Chemical Affects U.S. More Than Canada: Study

31. Compound Used to Block Cholesterol Could Also Kill Breast Cancer Cells, Study Suggests

32. Speaking Several Languages Might Protect Memory

33. Pollution With Antibiotics Leads to Resistant Bacteria, Scientists Find

34. People With Bowel Disease at Higher Risk of Blood Clot in Lungs, Legs

35. Cancer-Related Pathways Reveal Potential Treatment Target for Congenital Heart Disease

36. Study sees no link between vitamin D, diabetes

37. Markedly Higher Vitamin D Intake Needed to Reduce Cancer Risk, Researchers Say

38. High Triglyceride Levels Linked to Increased Stroke Risk: Study

39. Blacks' higher cerebral palsy risk, birth weight tied

40. High Cholesterol, Hypertension May Harm Memory in Middle Age

41. 1 in 9 people aged 45-54 is hearing impaired: study

42. Enzyme Helps Prepare Lung Tissue for Metastatic Development

43. Stent blood clot risk may be higher in the morning

44. Using Amphetamines May Increase Risk of Parkinson's Disease, Study Suggests