Personal Health February 12-18



1.      Chemical Guided Missile Could Be the Answer to Wiping out Cancer

2.      Antipsychotic Drugs Raise Heart Risks, Experts Warn

3.      Many stick with fast food after heart attack

4.      For kids in poverty, no brain benefit to iron, zinc

5.      Using Cell Phones Might Evoke Emotions, Study Suggests

6.      Speaking 2 languages may delay getting Alzheimer's

7.      Leg Discomfort Might Signal Heart Trouble

8.      Brain Function Linked to Birth Size; Study Sheds Light on Mental Health Problems Later in Life

9.      New Testing Could Replace Colonoscopies in the Future

10. 1 in 5 Kids With Cold Develops Middle Ear Infection: Study

11. Zinc will help your cold, at least a little

12. Could Hair Loss at 20 Signal Higher Prostate Cancer Risk?

13. Vegans' Elevated Heart Risk Requires Omega-3s and B12, Study Suggests

14. Higher Levels of Blood Protein Linked to Lower Respiratory Risks

15. Genetic Evidence That Antioxidants Can Help Treat Cancer

16. High-fiber diet tied to lower odds of early death

17. Good Diets Fight Bad Alzheimer's Genes: Diets High in Fish Oil Have a Beneficial Effect in Patients at Risk, Researcher Says

18. An Early Step in Parkinson's Disease: Problems With Mitochondria

19. Energy Drinks May Hurt Kids: Study

20. Overweight women show lower glaucoma risk

21. Early Signs of Heart Disease in Preadolescent Children With Type 1 Diabetes

22. Study: Eating more fiber could mean longer life

23. Offspring of Female Rats Given Folic Acid Supplements Develop More Breast Cancer, Study Suggests

24. Smoking linked to Lou Gehrig's disease

25. Red Wine Compound Increases Anti-Tumor Effect of Rapamycin

26. Moderate-to-Heavy Alcohol Intake May Increase Risk of Atrial Fibrillation

27. Berries May Offer Sweet Protection Against Parkinson's Disease