Personal Health February 5-11



1.      Health at birth tied to ADHD risk

2.      Study: Doctors missing strokes in kids with anemia

3.      How much vitamin D do pre-teen girls need?

4.      Few Stroke Patients Given Clot-Buster Quickly Enough: Study

5.      Miscarriage tied to family heart disease history

6.      Overweight Kids Who Exercise Improve Thinking, Math Skills: Study

7.      Growing number of farm animals spawn new diseases

8.      Reduced Levels of an Important Neurotransmitter Found in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

9.      Corrected: Fruits and veggies may not lower kids' allergy risk

10. Virus, Parasite May Combine to Increase Harm to Humans

11. Folate May Not Protect Against Premature Birth

12. Common Insecticide Used in Homes Associated With Delayed Mental Development of Young Children

13. Dermatitis May Be More Cause Than Effect of Food Allergies

14. Fruits and veggies may not lower kids' allergy risk

15. Obesity Tied to Education, Income, but Not Suburbia: Study

16. How Omega-3 Fatty Acids Help Prevent Several Forms of Blindness

17. Stroke Hospitalizations Up in Teens, Young Adults

18. What Makes Fructose Fattening? Some Answers Found in the Brain

19. Diet soda tied to stroke risk, but reasons unclear

20. New Explanation for Heart-Healthy Benefits of Chocolate

21. Not All Birthmarks Harmless, Expert Says

22. Fetal Surgery Takes a Huge Step Forward in Treating Children With Spina Bifida

23. Fruit salad and blood sugar meters don't mix

24. Could Poor Memory Signal Raised Stroke Risk?

25. Delayed-Enhancement MRI May Predict, Prevent Strokes, Study Shows

26. Gene test may cut need for prostate cancer surgery

27. Lack of Sleep Found to Be a New Risk Factor for Colon Cancer

28. Lead Exposure May Raise Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

29. Lymph node removal not needed for some breast cancer

30. Prenatal Exposure to Pesticides May Harm Kids' Development

31. Starting solid foods earlier linked to obesity risk

32. Processed, Fatty Foods May Dumb Down Your Kids: Study

33. Heart failure therapy twice as effective in women

34. Coal stoves linked to growth problems in kids

35. Sun exposure and vitamin D linked to MS risk

36. More candor urged in care of dying cancer patients

37. Breastfeeding linked to fewer seizures in kids

38. Heart Scans May Raise Cancer Risk, Study Finds