Personal Health January 29 February 4


1.      Want More Efficient Muscles? Eat Your Spinach

2.      Many get antidepressants for no psychiatric reason

3.      Benefits of Outdoor Exercise Confirmed

4.      Simple life changes could stop millions of cancers

5.      Ruptured appendix more common in rural U.S

6.      Kids' Rising Obesity Rates Due to Bad Habits, Not Genes: Study

7.      Study supports restricted diet for kids with ADHD

8.      Narrowed Leg Arteries Disable Women Faster Than Men: Study

9.      Coffee, Energy Drinkers Beware: Many Mega-Sized Drinks Loaded With Sugar, Nutrition Expert Says

10. Rare Form of Stroke Strikes More Often Than Thought: Report

11. Potential Vaccine to Prevent Gastritis, Ulcer Disease, Gastric Cancer

12. Cold Viruses Appear Linked to Type 1 Diabetes

13. Why Folic Acid May Prevent a First Heart Attack, but Not a Second

14. Pregnancy high blood pressure tied to later stroke

15. Roasting Coffee Beans a Dark Brown Produces Valued Antioxidants, Scientists Find

16. Gene test may help spot lethal prostate tumors

17. U.S. "stroke belt" also hit by heart failure

18. Better Nutrition Seems to Help Preemies With Lung Disease

19. Some vaccines tied to lower kids' leukemia risk

20. If Mom Had a Stroke, Daughter May Be Prone to Heart Attack

21. Half of Adults Have Hypertension or High Cholesterol: CDC

22. Study finds way to predict when cancer will spread

23. Finland: link between swine flu shot, narcolepsy

24. U.S. health system not helping heart disease: CDC

25. Kids gain extra pounds after tonsil surgery

26. Hormone Therapy Begun at Menopause May Pose Risk for Breast Cancer

27. New diet guidelines say eat more fruit, less salt

28. Scientists Grow Arteries With High Level of Elastic Protein: Big Step for Living Vascular Grafts

29. Diabetes in pregnancy a risk for mom years later

30. Super Bowl Losses Can Increase Cardiac Death, Study Finds

31. Too many narcotics prescribed after surgery: study

32. Specific Populations of Gut Bacteria Linked to Fatty Liver

33. Brisk Walks May Boost Memory in Older Adults

34. Key Protein Suppresses Prostate Cancer Growth in the Laboratory