Personal Health January 15-21


  1. HEPA Filters Reduce Cardiovascular Health Risks Associated With Air Pollution, Study Finds
  2. Radiation may increase long-term heart risks
  3. Vitamin E May Increase the Life Expectancy of Males Who Have High Dietary Vitamin C Intake and Smoke Less Than a Pack Per Day
  4. Study Finds Lack of Sleep Leads to Lost Calories
  5. Drug Used to Treat Heavy Periods Can Stop Trauma Patients Bleeding to Death, Study Finds
  6. Genes map study finds clues to pancreatic cancer
  7. Red Blood Cell Hormone Modulates the Immune System
  8. Drinking may raise risk of abnormal heart rhythm
  9. Daily Fruit, Veggies May Cut Risk of Heart Disease Death
  10. New Way of Predicting Dominant Seasonal Flu Strain
  11. Metal Tongue Piercings Linked to Raised Infection Risks
  12. Prostate Cancer Treatment Linked to Higher Rate of Colon Cancer, Study Finds
  13. Second Heart Attack Not Always Tied to Original Blockage
  14. Long-Term, High-Fat Diet Alters Mice Brains: Brain Changes May Contribute to Cycles of Weight Gain
  15. Stroke Risk May Be Higher in HIV Patients
  16. Color and Shape of Pills Affects How Patients Feel About Their Medication
  17. Adult ADHD Often Precedes Certain Type of Dementia: Study
  18. Gene Test Might Predict Colon Cancer's Return
  19. How Protein Aggregation Can Lead to Neurodegenerative Diseases
  20. More Evidence That TV, Computer Time Could Harm Heart
  21. What Are the Right Food Supplements During Pregnancy? Study Shows Risky Knowledge Gaps
  22. One in 12 Fans Leaves Major Sports Events Drunk: Study
  23. How Progesterone Increases Breast Cancer Risk
  24. Scientists closing in on Alzheimer's tests
  25. Vitamin D Absorption Is Diminished in Patients With Crohn's Disease, Researchers Find
  26. "Storytelling" found to aid blood pressure control
  27. Reducing Diet Early in Pregnancy Stunts Fetal Brain Development, Study Finds
  28. Stents Show Promise in Treating Brain Blockages
  29. New Hope in Fight Against Huntington's Disease
  30. New hope for hepatitis C, an often hidden disease
  31. 'Yo-Yo' Effect of Slimming Diets Explained
  32. Antibiotics, blood pressure drugs can be risky mix
  33. 'Master Switch' for Key Immune Cells in Inflammatory Diseases Discovered