Personal Health January 8-14


  1. Virus Might Fight Brain Tumors Better If Armed With Bacterial Enzyme, Study Shows
  2. Predatory Bacteria May Help Control Antibiotic-Resistant Germs
  3. Bioactive Compounds in Berries Can Reduce High Blood Pressure
  4. Low arsenic levels not tied to high blood pressure
  5. Blood Type O Associated With Less Risk for Heart Attack
  6. Room Light Before Bedtime May Impact Sleep Quality, Blood Pressure and Diabetes Risk
  7. Riding With the Top Down May Put Hearing at Risk
  8. Why PSA Levels Reflect Prostate Cancer Progression
  9. Falls as Serious for Elderly as Stroke, Heart Attack: Experts
  10. Overexpression of Repetitive DNA Sequences Discovered in Common Tumor Cells
  11. Pill-Splitting Potentially Perilous, Study Suggests
  12. Bisphenol A May Have Role in Ovarian Dysfunction
  13. Heart Rhythm Disorder May Double Death Risk for Dialysis Patients
  14. Comparison of Medications for Heart Failure Finds Difference in Risk of Death
  15. Health Tip: Your Diet's Role in Gestational Diabetes
  16. Sesame and nut allergies may often strike together
  17. Health Tip: Some Devices May Cause Pacemaker Problems
  18. Taking More Steps Every Day Can Help Ward Off Diabetes
  19. Eating Vegetables Gives Skin a More Healthy Glow Than the Sun, Study Shows
  20. Exercise may help soothe irritable bowels
  21. Antibiotics effective against ear infection
  22. Gene test finds disease risk in parents
  23. Energy Drinks Don't Blunt Effects of Alcohol, Study Finds
  24. Taking Short Breaks From Sitting May Help Waistline and Heart
  25. Some Heart Attack Rates Declining and Survival Improving
  26. Epilepsy drugs linked to more broken bones
  27. Critical Link Between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease Discovered
  28. Certain Painkillers Appear to Boost Odds for Heart Attack
  29. Analysis shows heart, stroke risk of pain drugs
  30. Chemical tied to hormonal syndrome
  31. Arm Artery No Better Than Leg Vein for Heart Bypass, Study Finds
  32. Macular degeneration may be on the decline
  33. Sugary Drinks, Foods Might Put Teens at Risk for Heart Disease
  34. Sibling spacing may be tied to autism risk: study
  35. Too Much TV May Be Linked to Heart Attack, Death Risk
  36. Statins may raise stroke risk in some: study
  37. Secondhand Smoke Tied to High Blood Pressure in Kids
  38. Likely no tie between male birth defect, chemical
  39. Working With Plasticizers, Pesticides May Reduce Fertility
  40. 'UnZIPPING' Zinc Protects Hippocampal Neurons
  41. Swine flu survivors developed super flu antibodies
  42. Latent TB treatment a greater risk to older adults
  43. Immune Disorders May Raise Blood Clot Risk in Hospitalized Patients