Personal Health – January 1-7


  1. Nose May Be Best Place to Screen for MRSA Infection
  2. Tomatoes Found to Contain Nutrient Which Prevents Vascular Diseases
  3. Newer antipsychotics overused, U.S. study suggests
  4. Routine Blood Test May Identify People With Pre-Diabetes, Cutting Later Treatment Costs
  5. Study Refutes Myth That Eating Disorders Affect Whites Only
  6. Broken hip tied to increased risk of stroke
  7. Teens Breast-fed as Infants Have Stronger Leg Muscles
  8. U.S. lowers limits for fluoride in water
  9. Age Takes Toll on Facial Bones, Study Finds
  10. Guidelines Issued for Drug-Resistant Staph Infections
  11. Bacteria Eyed for Possible Role in Atherosclerosis
  12. No Surgery for Moderate Tonsillitis, New Guidelines Say
  13. Women With Multiple Sclerosis More Likely to Have MS-Related Gene Than Men
  14. Study Links Obesity to Greater Pain, Weakness in Fibromyalgia Patients
  15. Vitamin D Accelerates Recovery from Tuberculosis
  16. Can diet protect against asthma?
  17. Mother’s Milk Improves Physical Condition of Future Adolescents, Study Finds
  18. Early Steps Toward an Alzheimer's Blood Test
  19. Cancer in a Single Catastrophe: Chromosome Crisis Common in Cancer Causation
  20. Diabetes Soaring Among American Adults: Report
  21. Birch Bark Ingredient Comes With Many Metabolic Benefits
  22. Arsenic-laced water ups TB risk: report
  23. New Glaucoma Test Allows Earlier, More Accurate Detection
  24. Journal: Study linking vaccine to autism was fraud
  25. Vitamin D Deficiencies May Impact Onset of Autoimmune Lung Disease
  26. Avastin raises heart failure risk in breast cancer
  27. Dampening Inflammation With Aspirin
  28. Exercise May Improve Odds Against Prostate Cancer Death
  29. Bacteria Eyed for Possible Role in Atherosclerosis
  30. Antibiotic shown to relieve common bowel disorder
  31. Fish Oil May Help Some Heart Failure Patients
  32. Smog Contributes to Dangerous Heart Rhythm Disorders
  33. Fishy diet comes with lower risk of stroke
  34. Higher Education May Benefit Some Heart Attack Patients
  35. 1 in 5 heart defibrillator implants questionable
  36. Healthy choices tied to kids' cholesterol changes
  37. Estrogen May Play Role in Rising Rates of Head, Neck Cancer
  38. Hysterectomy linked to cardiovascular disease
  39. Tooth Loss May Be Linked to Memory Loss
  40. Healthy Habits in Youth Tied to Better Adult Cholesterol Levels
  41. Eating Low-Fat, Thanks to Lupin Proteins
  42. Diet may mitigate toxic effects of arsenic
  43. In Women, Diabetes Plus Depression a Deadly Combo
  44. Food Diary a Great Tool for Losing Weight, Expert Says
  45. Deadly Bacterial Infections Rising Among Hospitalized Kids
  46. Scientists Aim for Test That Could Spot Single Cancer Cell in Blood
  47. Biological Diversity of Ovarian Cancer Lessens Value of Screening
  48. Colonoscopies May Not Have 'Blind Spot' After All
  49. Women With Both Diabetes and Depression at Higher Risk of Dying from Heart Disease, Other Causes