Personal Health - July 23-29



1.      Some Ethnic Groups More Vulnerable to Dangerous Fat

2.      Can chewing more help you eat less?

3.      Drop in Breast Cancer Death Rates May Not Be Linked to Screening Rates

4.      Can vitamins help boost your memory?

5.      Building Muscle May Reduce Diabetes Risk, Study Says

6.      No clear link between statins and kidney cancer

7.      Pregnancy-Related Strokes Jump 54 Percent

8.      Menopause Does Not Boost Diabetes Risk, Study Finds

9.      Non-Coding RNA Has Role in Inherited Neurological Disorder, and Maybe Other Brain Diseases Too

10. Age-Related Memory Loss May Be Reversible, Animal Study Suggests

11. Adding a Stent During Minimally Invasive Surgery to Repair Aneurysms Prevents Recurrence, Study Suggests

12. Poor Health Linked to Very Preemie Birth Stabilizes by Adolescence

13. Methamphetamine Abuse May Raise Parkinson's Risk

14. What's the best exercise for heart health?

15. Exercise Has Numerous Beneficial Effects On Brain Health and Cognition, Review Suggests