Personal Health - July 16-22


1.      Anti-Malaria Drug Chloroquine Finding May Lead to Treatments for Arthritis, Cancer and Other Diseases

2.      Dolphins' Superior Ability to Heal May Help Humans

3.      Obesity Accelerates Progression of Cirrhosis, Study Suggests

4.      A Novel and Potent Antioxidant Found in Tomato Plants, Initial Results Suggest

5.      Smartphones May Be Taxing Your Eyes

6.      Kidney Dopamine Regulates Blood Pressure, Life Span

7.      Breast-feeding for 6 Months or More Protects Against Asthma

8.      Hospital Bacteria Outbreak Linked to Nasal Spray

9.      Clogged Arteries Might Raise Risk of Dementia, Experts Warn

10. Seaweed as a Rich New Source of Heart-Healthy Food Ingredients

11. Return to smoking after heart attack ups death risk

12. Caffeine Consumption Linked to Female Infertility, Study Suggests

13. Fewer people see heavy smoking as high risk: survey

14. Clogged Arteries Might Raise Risk of Dementia, Experts Warn

15. Alzheimer's debate: Test if you can't treat it?

16. Optimism May Lower Stroke Risk

17. Health Gains from Multiple Sclerosis Drugs Come at a High Price, Study Finds

18. Study finds no statin, cancer link

19. Inherited Alzheimer's Detectable 20 Years Before Dementia

20. Offer women mammograms from age 40: doctor's group

21. Physical Activity Linked to Lower Rates of Cognitive Impairment

22. Stopping Daily Aspirin Boosts Heart Attack Risk: Study

23. Patients Who Use Anti-Depressants Are More Likely to Suffer Relapse, Researcher Finds

24. Over Half of Alzheimer's Cases May Be Preventable, Say Researchers

25. Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Associated With Hearing Loss in Adolescents

26. Vegetarian Diet May Protect Against Common Bowel Disorder

27. Smoking, Diabetes, Obesity May Shrink Your Brain

28. DHA in moms may help babies fight infection: study

29. Colon Cleansing Has No Health Benefit, May Harm: Report

30. Nicotine Can Protect the Brain from Parkinson's Disease, Research Suggests

31. Even a Little Exercise Helps the Heart, Study Finds