Personal Health - July 9-15


1.      Scientists Discover New Role for Vitamin C in the Eye and the Brain

2.      Alcohol Affects Left, Right Heart Chambers Differently

3.      Natural Chemical Found in Grapes May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease

4.      Are narrow blood vessels to blame in MS?

5.      Exposure to Common Chemicals May Affect Thyroid Function

6.      Do tea, coffee drinkers have lower "superbug" risk?

7.      Certain Painkillers May Raise Odds of Stroke, Heart Attack: Study

8.      Vitamin A may not prevent asthma: study

9.      Vitamin C from food tied to lower cataract risk

10. Diesel Fumes Pose Risk to Heart as Well as Lungs, Study Shows

11. Immune System Suppression Linked to Blood Vessel Formation in Tumors

12. Molasses Extract Decreases Obesity Caused by a High-Fat Diet

13. More U.S. Men Die From Cancer Than Women: Study

14. Indirubin, Component Of Chinese Herbal Remedy, Might Block Brain Tumor's Spread, Study Suggests

15. Scientists Spot Possible Target in Ovarian Cancer

16. Effects of Exercise On Meal-Related Gut Hormone Signals

17. Alzheimer's Brain Protein Scanning Moves Forward

18. Seven in One Blow: Scientists Discover DNA Regions Influencing Prostate Cancer Risk

19. Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Seem to Lack Enough Vitamin D

20. Do-It-Yourself Brain Repair Following Stroke

21. Folic acid tied to better grades in Swedish teens

22. Older Adults Have to Exercise More to Maintain Muscle Size, Study Finds

23. High salt + low potassium = early death: study

24. ADHD, Learning Issues May Be Linked to Secondhand Smoke

25. Vitamin D Lower in NFL Football Players Who Suffered Muscled Injuries, Study Suggests