Personal Health June 11-17



1.      Docs Overprescribing Antibiotics for Home-Care Patients: Study

2.      Cancer death rates continue drop: report

3.      Docs Overprescribing Antibiotics for Home-Care Patients: Study

4.      More Evidence Vitamin D Boosts Immune Response

5.      Severe complications from cataract surgery decline

6.      Shorter Sleep Durations May Increase Genetic Risks for Obesity

7.      Scientists find risk factor for tears in the aorta

8.      Migraines eased after ginger and herb treatment

9.      Study questions extra folic acid need for women

10. Diet tied to lower risk of vision loss in old age

11. Olive oil lovers show lower stroke risk

12. Most tumors not within cell phone radiation range

13. Weighing cancer risks, from cellphones to coffee

14. Study Hints at Antibiotic Overuse in Home-Care Patients

15. Proper Bowel Prep Key to Effective Colon Cancer Screening: Study

16. New Strategy to Attack Tumor-Feeding Blood Vessels

17. Low-Carbohydrate, High-Protein Diets May Reduce Both Tumor Growth Rates and Cancer Risk

18. Prenatal pesticide exposure tied to birth size

19. COPD mist inhaler may increase risk of death: study

20. Seizure drugs tied to pregnancy risks

21. Good Sleep Raises Quality of Life, Lowers Depression

22. TV time tied to diabetes, death

23. Ovarian Cancer Cells Bully Their Way Through Tissue

24. Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of SIDS

25. Medical Groups Update Heart, Blood Pressure Care Guidelines

26. Protein linked with rare disease plays role in aging

27. Could a Diet Help Prevent Alzheimer's?

28. Study recommends against autism screening

29. Diabetics May Be at Greater Risk for Second Stroke

30. One in Five Heart-Attack Deaths Could Be Prevented With New Drug, Findings Show

31. Few Anesthesiologists Monitor Key Heart Signal

32. Black heart patients less often go to top hospitals

33. Early Exposure to Pets Won't Up Kids' Allergy Risk: Study