Personal Health April 2-8

1.      Fish Oil Boosts Responses to Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen, Researchers Find

2.      More evidence painkillers lower colon cancer risk

3.      Atherosclerotic Plaques Form During a Late and Limited Time Period in Life, Atom Bomb Residues Reveal

4.      Nearly 20% of Lung Cancer Patients Keep Smoking

5.      Vegetarian diet linked to lower cataract risk

6.      Short Bursts of Exercise Good for the Heart: Study

7.      Very high caffeine intake linked to leaky bladder

8.      Blood Protein Levels May Predict Risk of a Cardiovascular Event

9.      Caffeine and Diabetes: Helpful or Harmful?

10. Stent studies don't reflect "real world" patients

11. Study Finds Strong Smoking-Asthma Link

12. Coffee, tea may not affect leaky bladder much

13. Simple treatment cuts preterm births by 45 percent

14. PFCs linked to earlier menopause

15. Overall Health May Be Key to Beating Breast Cancer

16. Young female athletes at risk for stress fractures

17. Older Age Memory Loss Tied to Stress Hormone Receptor in Brain

18. Study finds blood marker can't predict Alzheimer's

19. Soy Foods OK After Breast Cancer: Study

20. Stroke risks fade when women stop taking estrogen

21. Patients on Higher Doses of Prescription Painkillers More Apt to Overdose

22. Vitamin A Derivative Can Inhibit Early Forms of Breast Cancer, Researchers Show

23. Avoiding or Controlling Diabetes May Reduce Cancer Risk and Mortality

24. Breast Milk Cells May Someday Help Predict Cancer

25. Working long hours? Watch out for your heart

26. Monthly Aspirin Use Linked to Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk

27. Studies question heart bypass, angioplasty method

28. Evidence Weak to Support Many Medications for Autism: Study

29. Magnesium Deficiency: Not Always a Nutritional Problem

30. Vitamin D Levels Linked With Health of Blood Vessels

31. Exercise preserves, builds heart muscle