Personal Health March 5-11



1.      More evidence folic acid prevents birth defects

2.      Aspirin May Protect Against Colorectal Cancer -- But Only in Certain People

3.      Aspirin, other meds linked to stomach bleeding risks

4.      Invisible and Odorless, Radon Poses Risks to Lungs

5.      Potential Alzheimer's Treatment? Newly Discovered Role for Enzyme in Neurodegenerative Diseases

6.      Blood pressure drugs feeding the obesity epidemic?

7.      Study: Coffee tied to lower stroke risk in women

8.      No signs dietary supplements prevent bladder cancer

9.      Fat Alone, Not Where It Sits, May Be Key to Heart Problems

10. Curbing cholesterol may fight infections: study

11. Oral Tongue Cancer Increasing in Young, White Females

12. A Little Alcohol May Stave Off Alzheimer's

13. Little evidence soy helps blood sugar control

14. ADAM-12 Gene Could Hold Key to Cancer, Arthritis and Cardiac Treatments

15. Cooler body temperature may not feed obesity

16. Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

17. Extra iron won't help many pregnant women

18. 'Good' Cholesterol May Cut Colon Cancer Risk

19. Eating Apples Extends Lifespan of Test Animals by 10 Percent

20. Brain's Learning Ability Seems to Recharge During Light Slumber

21. New Compound Rids Cells of Alzheimer Protein Debris

22. Not getting enough sleep? Turn off the technology

23. Helicobacter Pylori Infection Linked to Decreased Iron Levels in Otherwise Healthy Children

24. Weight loss programs may boost mood in obese people

25. Loss of Key Protein Boosts Neuron Loss in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

26. Irregular Heart Beat Plus Stroke May Increase Dementia Risk

27. Mediterranean Diet: A Heart-Healthy Plan for Life

28. Studies find gene links to world's biggest killer

29. Why Poor Diet During Pregnancy Negatively Affects Offspring's Long Term Health

30. To Eat More Fruit, Picture a Fruit Salad