Personal Health – February 26 – March 4



1.      Potassium-Rich Foods May Cut Stroke, Heart Disease Risk

2.      Some Overweight Adolescents May Be at Risk for Weak Bones

3.      Strong painkillers may be linked to birth defects

4.      Possible New Treatment Strategies for Pancreatic Cancer

5.      Trend reversal: Big drop in kids' ear infections

6.      Resveratrol May Be Useful Tool for Reducing Body Fat

7.      Hidden veggies lower calories, may help shed pounds

8.      Women Who Miscarry Continue to Have Mental Health Problems, Even After Healthy Birth

9.      Iron in early pregnancy linked to birthweight

10. Liver, Not Brain, May Be Origin of Alzheimer’s Plaques

11. 1 in 3 Americans Gets Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep: CDC

12. New Chemo Drug May Benefit Some Breast Cancer Patients

13. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Could Be Caused by a Retrovirus, Study Suggests

14. Diabetics have higher risk of death from cancer

15. Herbal Teas May Provide Health Benefits

16. Study: 50-year-old with diabetes dies 6 yrs sooner

17. Tanning Bed Exposure Can Be Deadly When Complicated by Medication Reactions

18. Smoking During Early Pregnancy May Put Baby's Heart at Risk

19. Study underlines cannabis link to psychosis

20. Tight Blood Sugar Control May Put Some Diabetics at Risk

21. Storytelling Program Improves Lives of People With Alzheimer's

22. Potassium-rich diet tied to lower stroke risk

23. Vitamin D Linked to Lung Cancer Survival, Study Suggests

24. Use of Virtual Colonoscopy on the Rise in U.S. Hospitals

25. Free Radicals May Be Good for You

26. Fish Oil Seems to Help Cancer Patients Preserve Muscle

27. More Evidence That Alzheimer's Disease May Be Inherited from Your Mother

28. Breast cancer rates have stopped falling: study

29. Stress May Help Spur Weight Gain in New Moms, Study Finds

30. Study links sugary drinks with high blood pressure

31. Alzheimer's Risk Looks Higher if Mom Had the Disease

32. Binge Eaters' Dopamine Levels Spike at Sight, Smell of Food