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  1. More Fruits and Vegetables Unlikely to Protect Against Cancer, Study Suggests
  2. Broccoli may not fight lung cancer in non-smokers
  3. Poor Breast Cancer Prognosis Associated With Presence of Circulating Tumor, Cancer Stem Cells
  4. Impaired Clearance, Not Overproduction of Toxic Proteins, May Underlie Alzheimer’s Disease
  5. Tobacco smoke causes immediate damage: U.S. report
  6. Life expectancy slips, stroke dips to No. 4 killer
  7. General Mills steps down sugar in kids' cereals
  8. Study: Half of women over 40 get annual mammograms
  9. U.S. study helps unravel Alzheimer's mystery
  10. Bone drug Zometa flops in breast cancer study
  11. 40 Million in U.S. Driving Drunk or Drugged
  12. Thought for Food: Imagining Food Consumption Reduces Actual Consumption
  13. Cranberry Juice Not Effective Against Urinary Tract Infections, Study Suggests
  14. Secondhand smoke tied to kids' poor mental health
  15. Accurate Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer With Ultrasound
  16. Study shows child brain tumor is really two cancers
  17. Blueberries and Other Purple Fruits to Ward Off Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's
  18. Incense burning tied to asthma risk in some kids
  19. Low and High Vitamin D Levels in Older Women Associated With Increased Likelihood of Frailty
  20. Weightlifting Slashes Lymphedema Risk After Breast Cancer Treatment, Study Suggests
  21. Parasites may protect against allergies
  22. Health Tip: Choose Heart-Healthy Foods
  23. Home monitoring devices may ease world health burden
  24. Older men get less effective prostate cancer care
  25. New Test Links Blood Protein to Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk
  26. Antidepressant Use Rising as Psychotherapy Rates Fall
  27. Pregnant Mother's Diet Impacts Infant's Sense of Smell, Alters Brain Development
  28. Race, Gender Play Part in Hypertension Risk
  29. Age-Related Hearing Loss and Folate in the Elderly
  30. Study finds daily aspirin cuts many cancer risks
  31. Link Between Folic Acid Supplementation in Pregnancy, DNA Methylation and Birth Weight in Newborn Babies
  32. New Guidelines Aid in Diagnosis of Food Allergies
  33. Daily Sunscreen Use Does Protect from Melanoma, Study Finds
  34. Study links cellphones to child misbehavior
  35. Health Tip: Soothe Shoulder Pain
  36. Blood Cancer Advances May Improve Survival