Personal Health July 30, 2010



  1. For blood pressure, can you be fit but fat?
  2. What prevents falls after strokes? Study: Not much
  3. Aging and Longevity Tied to Specific Brain Region in Mice
  4. Damp house linked to kids' risk of nasal allergies
  5. Molecular Mechanism Triggering Parkinson's Disease Identified
  6. Damp house linked to kids' risk of nasal allergies
  7. Western Diet Link to ADHD, Australian Study Finds
  8. Pregnancy-related diabetes likely to recur: study
  9. Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Arterial Stiffness in Black Teens
  10. Meth use in pregnancy endangers mom and baby
  11. Plant Compound Resveratrol Shown to Suppresses Inflammation, Free Radicals in Humans
  12. One Molecule, Many More Insulin-Producing Cells to Treat Diabetes
  13. Mom's pregnancy diet not tied to wheezing risk
  14. Why Fad Diets Work Well for Some, but Not Others
  15. Hands-only CPR, pushy dispatchers are lifesavers
  16. Many Knee and Hip Replacement Patients Experience Weight Decrease After Surgery
  17. MabCure's test detects ovarian tumors in blood
  18. New Proteins That Regulate Blood Pressure, Flow Discovered
  19. Brain Structure Changes Found in Irritable Bowel Patients
  20. Body Mass Index at Age 17 Within the Normal Range Can Predict Future Risk for Hypertension in Later Life
  21. Mom's Affection Helps Babies Grow Into Less Stressed Adults
  22. ADHD, Conduct Disorder and Smoking Most Strongly Related to Dropping out of High School
  23. Are kids' ER visits for food allergies on the rise?
  24. Calcium Connections: Basic Pathway for Maintaining Cell's Fuel Stores
  25. Educated people cope better with dementia
  26. Study Explores Links Between Obesity and Chronic Pain
  27. Medical device problems hurt 70,000+ kids annually
  28. Link Between Depression, Cholesterol May Differ by Gender
  29. Downing diet soda tied to risk of premature birth
  30. Most Men With Low-Risk Prostate Cancer Treated Aggressively, Study Shows