Personal Health – July 16, 2010



  1. Computers Help Beat Hospital Infections
  2. "Gluten-free" foods may be contaminated: study
  3. Knee Replacements Can Fail for Various Reasons, Expert Says
  4. New Discovery Brings Hope to Treatment of Incurable Blood Cancer
  5. Health Tip: What May Cause an Aneurysm
  6. U.S. groups target 20 possible causes of cancer
  7. Stroke Risk May Rise First Hour After Drinking
  8. U.S. probing cancer risk of blood pressure drugs
  9. New Arsenic Nanoparticle Blocks Aggressive Breast Cancer
  10. Mediterranean diet may not protect against asthma
  11. Diabetes Risk: Waist Circumference Gives Better Prediction Than BMI
  12. Dramatic rise in painkiller drug abuse: U.S. officials
  13. Behavior Problems in School Linked to Two Types of Families
  14. Farm, food service jobs tied to heart disease risk
  15. U.S. study may be ideal test for Alzheimer's drugs
  16. Early diagnosis can cut Alzheimer's costs: study
  17. Excess Weight in Older Women Linked to Diminished Memory
  18. Kids with food allergies may be smaller than peers
  19. Sniffing insulin may help memory lost to Alzheimer's
  20. Antibiotics could help control malaria: study
  21. Water's Unexpected Role in Blood Pressure Control
  22. Association Found Between Alzheimer's and Anemia
  23. High-Risk Prostate Cancer Associated With Significantly Lower Bone Mineral Content Loss
  24. Alzheimer's May Increase Seizure Risk
  25. Depressed Men With ED at Risk for Cardiovascular Problems
  26. Longer breastfeeding may raise infants' eczema risk
  27. Problematic Blood Clotting Contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease
  28. Danish study: Obese men face higher death risk
  29. Childhood Cancer Survivors at Risk of Premature Death
  30. Vitamins D, E Might Help Maintain Brain Health
  31. Low vitamin D increases risk of dementia in elderly
  32. Honey as an Antibiotic: Scientists Identify a Secret Ingredient in Honey That Kills Bacteria
  33. Higher vitamin E intake tied to lower dementia risk
  34. Plasma Protein Appears to Be Associated With Development and Severity of Alzheimer's Disease
  35. New guideline says MRI best for diagnosing stroke
  36. Vitamin D Levels Associated With Parkinson's Disease Risk
  37. Fewer Excess Pounds May Mean Fewer Hot Flashes
  38. Arsenic Shows Promise as Cancer Treatment, Study Finds