Personal Health July 9, 2010



  1. Does pollution really increase stroke risk?
  2. Early Alzheimer's Identification Method Discovered
  3. Anxiety may worsen prognosis for heart patients
  4. Extremely Obese Children Have 40 Percent Higher Risk of Reflux Disease of Esophagus, Study Finds
  5. When dieting, watch your vitamins: study
  6. Sweet Way to Detect Prediabetes
  7. Are air pollutants linked to bowel disease risk?
  8. Popular food additive can cause stomach ache
  9. Stress helps fend off cancer in mice, study shows
  10. Toss out the inhaler if you outgrow asthma? Not so fast
  11. Monitoring Blood Pressure at Home May Help Keep It Low
  12. Custom running shoes might not prevent injuries
  13. Heart tests add to U.S. radiation dose concerns
  14. Diabetics eye obesity surgery to tame blood sugar
  15. Could Hot Weather Affect Results of a Colorectal Cancer Test?
  16. Glucosamine Ineffective for Lower Back Pain Linked to Arthritis
  17. Maternal Diet and Genes Interact to Affect Heart Development
  18. Changes in Fat Cells May Pave Way for Type 2 Diabetes
  19. Antioxidants Do Help Arteries Stay Healthy
  20. Blood pressure goals for diabetics -- too tough?
  21. Low Vitamin D Linked to the Metabolic Syndrome in Elderly People
  22. Early pot smoking, depression may be linked
  23. Virgin Olive Oil and a Mediterranean Diet Fight Heart Disease by Changing How Our Genes Function
  24. 10,000-plus in U.S. die for lack of cancer screens: CDC
  25. Breast Cancer Gene May Raise Men's Risk, Too
  26. Brain patterns may be signs of mental illness risk
  27. Do video games cause attention problems in kids?
  28. Scientists find blood protein link to Alzheimer's
  29. Cocoa Flavanols Improve Vascular and Blood Pressure Measures for Coronary Artery Disease Patients
  30. Brain diseases linked to nerve cell junction defects