Personal Health July 1, 2010



  1. Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in the Womb Has Lifelong Impact, Study Finds
  2. Cold cereal might beat a hot breakfast
  3. PSA Test Does Cut Prostate Cancer Deaths, Study Finds
  4. How Dietary Supplement May Block Cancer Cells
  5. Testosterone Gel Could Raise Heart Risks in Frail, Older Men
  6. Key Mechanism Links Virgin Olive Oil to Protection Against Breast Cancer
  7. With bad news, families often don't trust docs
  8. Mystery Unraveled: How Asbestos Causes Cancer
  9. Experts Optimistic About Solving Puzzle of Alzheimer's
  10. Treating Depression With Omega-3: Encouraging Results from Largest Clinical Study
  11. Asian study links obesity to cancer
  12. When Food Intake Stops, Enzyme Turns Off Production of Fats, Cholesterol
  13. Mouse Study Suggests Caffeine Boosts Athletic Performance
  14. Antioxidants no help vs rheumatoid arthritis, lupus
  15. Exercise May Guard Girls Against Dementia in Senior Years
  16. Fewer Dying From Type 1 Diabetes
  17. Get moving: Cancer survivors urged to exercise
  18. Key-Hole Surgery for Knee Injury Doesn't Lower Arthritis Risk
  19. Statins Associated With Lower Cancer Recurrence Following Prostatectomy
  20. Tight Blood Sugar Control in Older Diabetics May Not Reduce Heart Risk
  21. High Sugar Content in Packaged Toddler and Baby Food Products
  22. Exercise OK for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients: Review
  23. Nitrate in Beetroot Juice Lowers Blood Pressure, Study Finds
  24. Study raises questions over wider use of statins
  25. FDA Urges Limiting Antibiotics in Meat
  26. Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure, Research Finds
  27. Agent Orange Exposure Linked to Graves' Disease in Vietnam Veterans, Study Finds
  28. More Genes Implicated in Type 2 Diabetes