Personal Health June 25, 2010


  1. Early exposure to cow's milk has benefits: study
  2. Virus Works With Gene to Cause Crohn's-Like Illness
  3. Diabetes May Double Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke
  4. Compound Found in Red Wine Neutralizes Toxicity of Proteins Related to Alzheimer's
  5. Could breathing car exhaust trigger a stroke?
  6. Red Wine Compound Could Point to Treatment for Eye Diseases
  7. Small Amount of Common Preservative Increases Toxins from Harmful Bacteria in Food, Study Finds
  8. Gut Bacteria Could Be Key Indicator of Colon Cancer Risk
  9. Is obesity a factor in rising stroke rates in women?
  10. Small fraction of Americans meet salt guidelines
  11. Brain Stimulation Seems to Boost Language Skills in Alzheimer's Patients
  12. Antihypertensive Drugs May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
  13. Skin condition linked to cancer risk: study
  14. Moldy Homes a Serious Risk for Severe Asthma Attacks in Some
  15. Lowering Homocysteine Levels With Folic Acid and Vitamin B12 Does Not Appear to Reduce Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke, Study Finds
  16. Insufficient vitamin D tied to severe asthma attacks
  17. High Levels of Fructose, Trans Fats Lead to Significant Liver Disease, Says Study
  18. Study Clears Cell Phone Towers of Childhood Cancer Connection
  19. Mothers' High Blood Sugar in Pregnancy Is Linked to Children's Reduced Insulin Sensitivity
  20. More children, higher stroke risk for women?
  21. Well-Defined Quantity of Antioxidants in Diet Can Improve Insulin Resistance, Study Finds
  22. Thyroid Function at High End of Normal Tied to Miscarriage Risk
  23. Cavities in Baby Teeth May Come From Poor Food Choices
  24. Six months of breast milk best for babies
  25. More Evidence That B Vitamins Alone Won't Counter Heart Risks
  26. Software cuts CT radiation dose in half: study
  27. Gaining Weight Later in Life Ups Diabetes Risk
  28. Acid reflux may disrupt sleep
  29. Hormone Raises Desire for Fattening Foods
  30. Lemurs Lose Weight With 'Life-Extending' Supplement Resveratrol
  31. Breast Milk Reduces Infections in Babies
  32. Induced labor may double the odds of C-section
  33. Flame Retardant May Up Risk of Thyroid Problems in Pregnancy
  34. Early menopause raises heart disease risk
  35. More Than Half of Pediatricians Make Diagnostic Errors: Survey
  36. PCBs May Weaken Kids' Vaccination Response
  37. Stomach Hormone Ghrelin Increases Desire for High-Calorie Foods, Study Finds
  38. 'Junk Food' Sugar May Help Some Fat Cells Proliferate
  39. Higher Testosterone Tied to Heart Trouble in Older Men
  40. Poor Control of Diabetes May Be Linked to Low Vitamin D