Personal Health June 18, 2010


  1. Ninety Percent of Stroke Risk Due to 10 Risk Factors
  2. B vitamins linked to depression risk in older adults
  3. Hopes Dashed That Vitamin D Reduces Cancer Risk
  4. Low Calcium Intake Linked With Increased Risk of Osteoporosis and Hypertension in Postmenopausal Women
  5. Coffee Might Guard Against Head, Neck Cancers
  6. Why Do Certain Diseases Go Into Remission During Pregnancy?
  7. Moderate Coffee, Tea Drinking Lowers Heart Disease Risk
  8. Hints from Taiwan That Free-Range Eggs May Be Less Healthy Than Regular Eggs
  9. Iodine Levels a Worry as Salt Use Declines
  10. Low, high manganese levels may affect the infant brain
  11. Stomach Bacteria Might Trigger Rheumatoid Arthritis
  12. Abuse of meds sends as many to ER as illegal drugs
  13. Key Enzyme in Melanoma Cell Development Identified
  14. Exercise might aid asthma control: study
  15. Defects in Immune System Enzyme May Increase Risk of Autoimmune Disorders
  16. Women Who Choose Boiled Coffee Run Lower Risk of Breast Cancer, Swedish Study Finds
  17. Dogs plus pollutants may raise asthma risk in kids
  18. Some People Do Not Taste Salt Like Others
  19. Scientists Tease Out Links Between Diabetes, Cancer
  20. More Americans exercise, but they are still obese
  21. Air Pollution Tied to Breathing Problems in Sleep
  22. Eating eggs doesn't seem to up diabetes risk
  23. Low Testosterone in Older Men Less Common Than Thought
  24. Nutrients may be why some smokers avoid cancer
  25. Calcium, Vitamin D Supplements OK for Arteries
  26. Sugary foods linked to pancreatic cancer risk
  27. Vitamin B6 Tied to Lowered Lung Cancer Risk
  28. U.S. food guidelines should focus on fat, panel says
  29. Mediterranean Diet Linked to Better Cardiac Function
  30. Overtreating earliest cancers but which ones?
  31. Carotid Artery Ultrasound Is an Effective Alternative to More Invasive Coronary Angiography, Study Finds
  32. Drug-resistant bugs on rise globally: report
  33. Mastectomy rates still declining across U.S.
  34. Diabetic Potential to Create Own Insulin: Type 1 Diabetes Patients Attempt to Replenish Beta Cells
  35. Blood pressure pills could raise cancer risk
  36. Sun-Sensitizing Medications, Sun Exposure Associated With Common Type of Cataract
  37. High 'good' cholesterol tied to lower cancer risk
  38. Virus Infection May Trigger Unusual Immune Cells to Attack Nerves in Multiple Sclerosis
  39. Brain scan study confirms role of Alzheimer's genes
  40. Links Between Hypertension, Bipolar Disorders Identified
  41. Those who eat brown rice may have less diabetes
  42. Pesticides, genes combine to up risk of Parkinson's
  43. Drugs linked to cataracts, behaviors can delay them
  44. Study: Millions of cancer survivors put off care