Personal Health June 4, 2010


  1. Lifestyle and Genes Pose Separate Risks for Breast Cancer
  2. Glucose 'Tattoo' Could Track Blood Sugar Levels for Diabetics
  3. New Cancer Guidelines: Exercise During and After Treatment Is Now Encouraged
  4. Meat, fish protein linked to women's bowel disease
  5. Anger Spurs Surprising Changes in the Body
  6. Estrogen-like lignan diet, less breast cancer linked
  7. Reducing Alzheimer's-Related Protein in Young Brains Improves Learning in Down Syndrome Animal Model
  8. Burgers May Feed Kids' Asthma Risk
  9. Some Antidepressants May Bump Up Cataract Risk
  10. Mediterranean diet helps existing heart disease, too
  11. Calcium Supplements: Too Much of a Good Thing?
  12. To burn more fat, skip breakfast before workout
  13. Air pollution may help trigger cardiac arrest
  14. Breathing Exercises May Boost Athletes' Performance
  15. Pain Med May Affect Breast Cancer Recurrence
  16. Study confirms link between migraines and stroke
  17. Chocolate may cut cholesterol but only in some people: study
  18. Vaccine against deadly brain cancer shows promise
  19. Peaches, Plums Induce Deliciously Promising Death of Breast Cancer Cells
  20. A little chocolate might help cut cholesterol
  21. Targeted Immunotherapy Shows Promise for Metastatic Breast, Pancreatic Cancers
  22. Study: 10 minutes of exercise, hour-long effects
  23. Calcium Supplements: Too Much of a Good Thing?
  24. Genes and lifestyle pose separate breast cancer risks
  25. Some Antidepressants May Bump Up Cataract Risk
  26. Farm kids at lower allergy risk, even in their 70s
  27. Obesity and asthma are linked: study
  28. Prostate Cancer Vaccine Shows Few Side Effects
  29. After a point, more omega-3s don't help the heart
  30. Vitamins Fail to Protect Men Against Bladder Cancer
  31. Radiation for Prostate Cancer May Boost Fracture Risk