Personal Health May 28


  1. Vitamin E linked to less of the skin disease eczema
  2. Shark Cartilage Shows No Benefit as a Therapeutic Agent for Lung Cancer, Study Finds
  3. Is milk from grass-fed cows more heart-healthy?
  4. Milk: Two Glasses a Day Tones Muscles, Keeps the Fat Away in Women, Study Shows
  5. Regular teeth brushing linked to healthier hearts
  6. Soy trims postmenopausal fat, study suggests
  7. Fit People Release More Fat-Burning Molecules During Exercise
  8. Experts Advise At-Risk Diabetics to Begin Daily Aspirin Later
  9. Vitamin K linked to lower diabetes risk
  10. Exercise Boosts Health of Cancer Patients
  11. Tanning beds raise melanoma risk, U.S. study finds
  12. Rheumatoid Arthritis Incidence on the Rise in Women
  13. Should some kids take fish oil supplements?
  14. Shark Cartilage Not Beneficial in Advanced Lung Cancer
  15. Bisphenol A and Other Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Pose Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
  16. Osteoarthritis Claims Growing Number of Younger Victims
  17. Report: Trans fat limits lead to healthier foods
  18. Many Supplements Said to Contain Toxins, Make False Health Claims
  19. Menus still calorie-laden despite new laws: group
  20. Moderate Drinking May Protect Brain From Alzheimer's
  21. Blood pressure control up in U.S.; many still suffer
  22. Bacteria May Predict Chances of Colon Cancer
  23. Drinking alcohol can lower chance of diabetes: study
  24. Folate Prevents Alcohol-Induced Congenital Heart Defects in Mice, Study Finds
  25. Study links viral infection to juvenile diabetes
  26. Anti-Aging Supplements May Be Best Taken Not Too Late in Life
  27. No evidence organic foods benefit health: study
  28. Routine Breast Cancer Biopsy Might Predict Lymph Node Cancer Spread
  29. Fewer sugary drinks may lower blood pressure: study
  30. Folate Prevents Alcohol-Induced Congenital Heart Defects in Mice, Study Finds