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Friday, December 1, 2017


How can our health benefit from colder temperatures? '

Fighting Myocardial Infarction With Nanoparticle Tandems

What is herpes gladiatorum?

How Saturated Fatty Acids Damage Cells

Mouth bacteria linked to esophageal cancer

Weight Loss and Risk of Death: Rheumatoid Arthritis Findings May Have Wider Implications

What are allergic shiners?

Oral Microbiota Indicates Link Between Periodontal Disease, Esophageal Cancer

Scarlet fever makes a dangerous comeback

All you need to know about levoscoliosis  

Cellphones, video games eyed in teen suicide study

Acute kidney injury linked with heart failure

HIV prevention drug called a "game changer"

Killing cancer softly: New approach halts tumor growth

FDA approves first-of-a-kind test for cancer gene profiling

What's the secret to younger-looking skin? Study sheds light

Maryland, after delays, begins the sale of medical marijuana

Is it a broken toe?

First baby from a uterus transplant in the US born in Dallas


Thursday, November 30, 2017


Heart disease risk increased fivefold for bald and graying men

Anti-Aging Protein Could Be Targeted to Rejuvenate Immune Cells

Migraine breakthrough: New drug halves attacks

Obesity Increases Dementia Risk

What you should know about hairy tongue

Male-Pattern Baldness and Premature Graying Associated With Risk of Early Heart Disease

MS: Blood test offers new way to monitor disease activity

Studies Examine the Effects of Weight on Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Interrupted Reprogramming Converts Adult Cells Into High Yields of Progenitor-Like Cells

What are the health benefits of beans?

Man says he contracted eye-eating parasite on water ride

Fighting the Flu, Year After Year

All you need to know about the AIP diet

 Cigarette Smokers Are 10 Times More Likely to Be Daily Marijuana Users

Tips for surviving this cold and flu season

Mysterious anaphylaxis explained: Red meat to blame   

More than half of U.S. kids could be obese by age 35

'Cognitive ability genes' identified   

Drug studies offer hope for migraine sufferers

All you need to know about microblading   

Autoworkers collaborate to build fellow employee a new limb

Possible link found between some Utah suicides, electronics 

Risks to watch for when taking cold and flu remedies

Interrupted Reprogramming Converts Adult Cells Into High Yields of Progenitor-Like Cells

Can apple cider vinegar treat erectile dysfunction?

US approves monthly injection for opioid addiction

Rise of Ampicillin Resistance Began Years Before Human Use


Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Chronic back pain: A 10-minute treatment leaves patients pain-free

The effects of skipping breakfast depend on your weight

Black toenail: Causes and treatment

Lifespan Prolonged by Inhibiting Common Enzyme

IBS: Five facts you need to know

Low Vitamin D Levels at Birth Linked to Higher Autism Risk

Cancer stem cells destroyed by drug-filled nanoparticles

Preventing Psoriasis With Vanillia Extract

Tardive dyskinesia: What you need to know

Hip Steroid Injections Associated With Risky Bone Changes

What is tumefactive MS?

CT Shows Enlarged Aortas in Former Pro Football Players

What causes pain in the sternum?

No Evidence That Gadolinium Causes Neurologic Harm

'Alarming' rise in cancer rates driven by diabetes, obesity

Injectable Gel Helps Heart Muscle Regenerate After Heart Attack

If you want to avoid dementia, get hitched

Why the flu shot this year may not protect you

What is hallucinogen-persisting perception disorder?   

"Bone treats" blamed for dog deaths, illnesses


Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Could mouthwash be putting you at risk of diabetes?

Marriage may reduce dementia risk, researchers say

Women at higher cardiometabolic risk due to fat distribution

Complications at Birth Associated With Lasting Chemical Changes in the Brain

What you should know about freezing warts

Beating Heart Patch Is Large Enough to Repair the Human Heart

Flu and colds: Why do we cough?

New Genetic Variations Linked to Educational Attainment: Genetic Overlap Between Cognitive Ability and Longevity

Could a spinal fluid test help to diagnose migraine?

EEG and MRI Combined Help Shed Light on ALS

Does an onion in the sock work for a cold?

Six in 10 Food Ads During Family TV Shows Push Junk Food, UK Study Reveals

Why is my tongue tingling?

UK Obesity Levels Among the Worst in Europe: Heart Disease Statistics from More Than 45 Countries

What to know about general adaptation syndrome

Almost 800,000 Cancers Are Attributable to Diabetes and High BMI

Prostate cancer: How immune cells promote tumor growth

Type 2 Diabetes: It All Starts in the Liver

How does cancer evade the immune system? New mechanism revealed

Biology, Chemistry Combine to Generate New Antibiotics

"Encouraging signs" seen in fight against HIV

Weight Loss Through Exercise Alone Does Not Protect Knees

What is the link between FEV1 and COPD?

Migraines Linked to High Sodium Levels in Cerebrospinal Fluid

UN: About 11 percent of drugs in poor countries are fake

Fat Distribution in Women and Men Provides Clues to Heart Attack Risk

Gastric Cancer: A New Strategy Used by Helicobacter Pylori to Target Mitochondria

Beating Heart Patch Is Large Enough to Repair the Human Heart

Exercise May Help Protect Smokers from Inflammation, Muscle Damage

Cases of Unexplained Anaphylaxis Linked to Red Meat Allergy

Cardiovascular Disease: The Immune Response to Heart Attacks

Why Do More Women Have Asthma Than Men? Blame Hormones


Monday, November 27, 2017


Houseflies may carry more diseases than previously thought

Brain Cortex Development: Ryk Needs a Chaperone

Parkinson's: Could a high-calorie diet increase lifespan?

'Negative Emotions' Linked to Higher Rates of Opioid Use in Sickle Cell Disease

What is a bronchospasm and what causes it?

Holding Infants -- Or Not -- Can Leave Traces on Their Genes

The 10 best lupus blogs

New Pain Treatment Tested in Humans

Radiotherapy-resistant tumors could be defeated with experimental drugs

Brain Impact of Youth Football: Brain Changes After One Season of Play

Uhthoff's phenomenon: What you need to know

Blood Lead Levels Lower, but Tooth Decay Higher in Children Who Do Not Drink Tap Water

How does sperm motility affect fertility?

High Levels of Natural Immune Suppressor Correlate With Poor Survival in the Most Common Leukemia

What is Demodex brevis?

New Tool in Cell's Invasion Machinery May Help Explain Cancer's Ability to Spread

Can mindfulness help you shed those extra pounds?

Trigger for Most Common Form of Vision Loss Discovered

Doctors seek new hope for patients with eye stroke

Seniors, leaving the house daily may help you live longer

"Super hero blood" helps boy battle rare disease

Autism and the Smell of Fear

Why are my lips tingling?

More than a THIRD of Americans suffer arthritis - and obesity is driving up rates nationwide, report suggests


Sunday, November 26, 2017


Is being unsociable the secret to creativity?

How do the brains of intelligent people work?

What are the options for natural hair regrowth?

What to know about double pneumonia

What are the costs involved with a hair transplant?

What is polyarthritis?

What you need to know about occipital neuralgia


Saturday, November 25, 2017


How to cope with a picky eater over the holidays

Exercise alone does not achieve weight loss

MS hug: What you need to know

Causes and treatments for nose scabs

What is sociopathy or antisocial personality disorder?

What are the risks of CoolSculpting?

'Love hormone' explains why your dog loves to see you smile

Is it menopause or pregnancy?