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Friday, November 18, 2016


Advanced Prostate Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, and Outlook

Water testing announced for Michigan children, but Flint still struggles 

Investigating how a heart can turn to bone

Baby survives after coin stuck in throat for 37 days

Why Are There Leukocytes in My Urine? 

Certain foods may help control blood sugar

Highly drug-resistant infections rising among American children

Investigation reveals widespread abuse of the disabled

Last-Line Antibiotics Are Failing

Your A.T.M. Is Covered in Microbes, but Mostly Harmless

New Quality Control Revealed in Immune T Cell Development

How bagged salads "massively" increase salmonella risk

First-time birth in later life may increase longevity

Zika Is No Longer Global Emergency, W.H.O. Says


Thursday, November 17, 2016


Eating fiber keeps gut microbes from eating you

Why Men in Richest US Counties Can Expect to Live 10 Years Longer Than Poorest, Study Finds

E-cigarettes 'just as harmful as tobacco' for oral health

Nutty Stimulant Revealed as Anticancer Tool

Nearly 21 Million in US Have Substance Use Disorder: Surgeon General's Report

Low Blood Glucose Levels in Hospitalized Patients Linked to Increased Mortality Risk

Gut microbes influence development of wet AMD

Targeting Brain Chemistry to Beat Disease 

Drug can help slow advanced breast cancer

How a Mediterranean-Style Diet May Reduce Heart Failure in the Aged

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy: What Happens, Results, and Outlook 

Arthritis Drug Significantly Effective in Treating Crohn's Disease, Study Finds

Surprise doctor bills from ER can add angst to injury

New Antibiotics Discovered by Sifting Through the Human Microbiome

Allergies during pregnancy linked with autism, ADHD 

Scientists Advance a Novel Urine Test to Predict High-Risk Cervical Cancer

More U.S. kids suffering from these serious infections

Beyond the DNA: Comprehensive Map of the Human Epigenome Completed

Maternal rheumatoid arthritis linked to childhood epilepsy

Missing Links That Connect Human DNA Variation With Disease Discovered

Seattle fish market may be source of flesh-eating bacteria


Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Twice-a-year shot for cholesterol holds promise

Breast Lump Removal: What to Expect, Recovery 

One of world's deadliest mushrooms sprouts in Bay Area

High blood pressure: Global total almost doubles in 4 decades 

Could a new drug help reverse heart disease?

Cough Variant Asthma: Symptoms, Triggers, and Treatment 

At-home breast device gives cancer patients more control

Dementia risk increased with use of blood-thinning drugs

Severe Dizziness Treated With Steroid Injections Into the Eardrum 

3D-printed skull implant gives boy his life back

A Milestone in Small RNA Biology

Vitamin D Reduces Respiratory Infections

Researchers Show How Circadian 'Clock' May Influence Cancer Pathway

Peau d'Orange: Causes and Treatment

Glowing Tumors Help Surgeons Cut out Brain Cancer With Precision


Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Could common heartburn drugs increase stroke risk?

Too Much Fatty Food Could Set Children Up for Mental Problems: Study in Mice

Poor sleep may increase risk for irregular heart rhythms

Winter Conception Increases Mothers' Diabetes Risk

Early bird, night owl? Expert says there are 4 types of sleepers

 Depression Rates Growing Among Adolescents, Particularly Girls

Inability to safely store fat increases risk of diabetes and heart disease

Asian Americans Are at High Risk for Diabetes but Rarely Get Screened

Brain implant helps ALS patient "speak"

New Therapeutic Target for Diseases Caused by Lack of Oxygen

Nutrition protects against the impact of stress on the brain in early life

Parkinson's Disease Patients Benefit from Physical Activity

Depression rising among teens – especially this group

Cancer Research: How Cells Die by Ferroptosis

Yo-yo dieting may increase risk of heart disease death

Active, Inactive Cells in the Brain's Memory System

How might fast-food lover Trump change the nation's diet?

Scientists Discover Clues to Altered Brain Wiring in Autism

Sense of smell may predict Alzheimer's risk

Retinitis Pigmentosa May Be Treated by Reprogramming Sugar Metabolism

Good Drugs for Bad Bugs: Simple Changes to Antibiotic Treatment of MRSA May Help Beat the Bacteria

New Protein Provides Critical Link Between Aging and Age-Dependent Disease

Drinking Red Wine Before Smoking Can Prevent Short Term Vascular Damage

Following a Healthy Lifestyle Can Greatly Reduce Genetic Heart Attack Risk

Depression During Pregnancy Is Associated With Abnormal Brain Structure in Children

Consuming Violent Media Linked to 13x Surge in Violent Dreams


Monday, November 14, 2016


Trying to Bring Home Hope From Cuba in the Form of a Cancer Vaccine

High-protein diet may raise heart failure risk for older women

Teenage Binge Drinking Can Affect Brain Function of Future Offspring

Doctor on new Celebrex study: "Everybody was wrong -- including me" 

New statin guidlines issued for primary CVD prevention

Zika Infection in U.S. Is Still Rare So Far, Blood Donations Indicate

Craving salt? This may be the reason

Moderate Alcohol Intake May Slow Good Cholesterol's Decline

Skin bacterium releases enzyme that may protect against damage and disease

Immune System Uses Gut Bacteria to Control Glucose Metabolism

‘Night Owls’ May Face Special Challenges

Long-Term Use of Opioid Patches Common Among Persons With Alzheimer's Disease

Children Born by Cesarean Section May Have a Greater Risk of Obesity

Nutrition Protects Against the Impact of Stress on the Brain in Early Life

How Can I Help Someone with Depression?

Researchers Identify Biomarker to Speed Diagnosis in Brain and Spinal Cord Inflammation

Family caregivers spend huge percent of income on care

Diets Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Help Lower Blood Pressure in Young, Healthy Adults

Marijuana use may temporarily weaken heart muscle

'Sweet' Solution Kills E. Coli in Drinking Water

A Cold and Flu Risk That’s a Real Eye-Opener

Scientists Discover How Protein Senses Touch

Depression and Divorce: What's the Connection?

Large Decrease in Coronary Heart Disease in US


Sunday, November 13, 2016


Role of Spleen in Prolonged Anxiety After Stress

Statins could cut death risk by a third for some arthritis patients

Gut Bacteria May Be a Trigger for Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Pain sensors are specialized for specific types of pain, study finds 

Combination of NSAIDs and TNF-Inhibitors Shows Benefit for Ankylosing Spondylitis

Heart experts "stunned" by results of Celebrex drug study

Why Some Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients Respond Poorly to Biologics

Is It Shingles? Pictures and Symptoms

Men and Women Show Sex-Specific Improvements After Hip Replacement, May Benefit from Unique Rehab Approaches


Saturday, November 12, 2016


How marijuana causes memory loss

Breast Cancer Dimpling: Causes and Treatment

Trauma affects girls and boys brains differently

What Does Depression Feel Like?