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Friday, December 14, 2018 


 Spray gel could reduce cancer spread after surgery

HIV Vaccine Protects Non-Human Primates from Infection

IBD increases prostate cancer risk by fivefold   

"Young miracle" baby recovers from Ebola in outbreak

Mediterranean diet reduces cardiovascular risk by a quarter

More schools are starting classes later to let students sleep

The uterus plays a role in memory, study finds

How a breakthrough new fertility test offers hope for families struggling to conceive


Thursday, December 13, 2018


 New brain circuit that controls anxiety found

Exercise-Induced Hormone Irisin Triggers Bone Remodeling in Mice 

Del Monte recalls canned corn for botulism risk

New York sues Target and Walmart for selling toy jewelry kits high in lead

How our body clocks can make or break our health   

Stethoscopes loaded with bacteria, study finds

Tainted romaine lettuce traced to at least 1 California farm

Colorectal cancer: Loss of two genes may drive tumor formation

Researchers Shine New Light on Disease-Spreading Mosquitoes

The drugs behind the stunning 54% increase in drug overdose deaths in 6 years

Large Restaurant Portions a Global Problem, Study Finds


Wednesday, December 12, 2018 


Red meat raises heart disease risk through gut bacteria

This diet can cut your risk of developing heart disease

How your imagination can help you overcome your fears   

Substance-free dorms at University of Vermont encourage wellness

When drinking to overcome social anxiety backfires the next day 

Holidays may be hazardous time to leave hospital

Diabetes: Are you over-monitoring your blood sugar?   

Childbirth increases breast cancer risk according to new study

Meth playing bigger role in US drug overdose crisis

How brain waves enable creative thinking

 Water from sewage rivers used to grow vegetables in Bolivia 

Viral tweets warn women their heart attacks can be different

Kotex recalls some tampons after reports of 'pieces left in the body'


Tuesday, December 11, 2018


What is the normal pH range for urine?   

McDonald's to reduce antibiotics in its beef

What causes pelvic pain?   

Jimmy Dean sausage recalled because it may contain metal

Prostate cancer and back pain 

New Evidence That Females Might Benefit Most from a Low-Salt Diet

What is the military diet and does it work?

Women Having a Heart Attack Wait Longer Than Men to Get Help

Statins: Risk of side effects is low, say experts

A Correlation Between Obesity and Income Has Only Developed in the Past 30 Years

Does problem-solving stave off mental decline?

Possible Connection Between Cardiovascular Disease and Living Near Oil and Gas Wells

What is appendix cancer?

Lethal Combination: Drug Cocktail Turns Off the Juice to Cancer Cells

What to know about fibroadenomas of the breast

Gut Microbiome May Affect Some Anti-Diabetes Drugs

Breast cancer risk may increase for women after recent childbirth, study finds

What to know about stage 4 lymphoma

Guidelines for the Therapeutic Use of Melatonin 

Strong U.S. job market hurts care for those in nursing homes

Are You Stressed? Your Eyes May Provide a Window Into Your Mental Workload

These tiny sensors may detect cancer early

Disruption of Circadian Rhythm as Risk Factor for Diseases

Simple tips to avoid holiday weight gain

Doctors love golf: Fact or fiction?   

Workplace Exposure to Pesticides and Metals Linked to Heightened Heart Disease Risk

Cases of mystery illness causing paralysis in U.S. kids hit record

New Model in the Fight Against African Swine Fever

Scientists Pave the Way for Saliva Test for Alzheimer's Disease

Gut Hormone Increases Response to Food

How Bullying Affects the Structure of the Teen Brain

Excess Body Weight Responsible for Nearly 4 Percent of Cancers Worldwide


Monday, December 10, 2018


What are the best foods to eat for energy? 

Promising Diagnostic Tool for Alzheimer's Disease

What to know about marijuana and multiple sclerosis

How Does Cancer Spread?

What is the link between HPV and HIV?

Memory Tests Predict Brain Atrophy and Alzheimer's Disease

Single-tablet regimens for HIV

Two Compounds in Coffee May Team Up to Fight Parkinson's

Can marijuana ease symptoms of Crohn's disease?

Some Brain Tumors May Respond to Immunotherapy

Crohn's disease and pregnancy

Optimal Blood Pressure Treatment for Stroke Patients

Can D-mannose treat a UTI?

Millions of Low-Risk People With Diabetes May Be Testing Their Blood Sugar Too Often

Excess belly fat common in those with high heart risk

Reducing Variations in Feeding Practices and Fortifying Breast Milk Helps Micro-Preemies Grow

Future of Alzheimer's therapy: What is the best approach?

What are the benefits of glutathione?

Herpes simplex: Everything you need to know   

How dangerous is eating raw cookie dough?

How safe are probiotics?   

How to set guidelines on screen time for kids

Parkinson's: Dietary compound moves toxic protein from gut to brain


Sunday, December 9, 2018


This form of brain training may help treat severe schizophrenia


Saturday, December 8, 2018


Is it possible to reverse 'chemo brain?' 

Holiday gifts for health and wellness

A new blood test could help diagnose Alzheimer's New research focuses on