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Friday, November 3, 2017


To be happier, take a moment to notice the nature around you

Chemists Develop Method to Quickly Screen, Accurately Identify Fentanyl

Aspiring astronauts: Beware of the health risks of space travel

Can Environmental Toxins Disrupt the Biological 'Clock?'

What is clenbuterol?

Potential New Treatment for Fragile X Targets One Gene to Affect Many

Five things to remember when you're dealing with work anxiety

Colon Cancer Breakthrough Could Lead to Prevention -- And the Foods That Can Help

Clogged arteries may be down to bacteria, not diet

Retired Professional Footballers at Higher Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis

All you need to know about stomach growling †

10-Year Fall in Blood Cholesterol of Malaysia Heart Attack Patients Suggests Statin Impact

Obesity Increases Incidence, Severity, Costs of Knee Dislocations

Scientists Identify Mechanism That Helps Us Inhibit Unwanted Thoughts

What is dermatitis neglecta? Dermatitis neglecta is a skin disorder caused by not cleaning the skin well or often enough. In this article, learn about diagnosis and prevention.

"Don't let me die": Reported EpiPen failures spark more complaints

Acetaminophen during pregnancy is associated with ADHD ††

Men seeking medical pot bombard gynecologist's office

Just two sugary drinks per week may raise type 2 diabetes risk ††

Playing God in China's mutant mice lab

Curved penis may increase cancer risk

Sexually transmitted Zika case confirmed in Miami-Dade

How do you get rid of keloids? A look at keloids and how

US rate for gun deaths is up for the second straight year


Thursday, November 2, 2017


Six surprising health risks in your home

Blood-Clotting Protein Prevents Repair in the Brain

Colorectal cancer: Increasing fiber intake may lower death risk

In Autism, Too Many Brain Connections May Be at Root of Condition

What causes genu valgum (knock-knees)?

Bacteria in the Gut Modulates Response to Immunotherapy in Melanoma

The 10 best Crohn's disease blogs

Pancreatic Cancer Survival Linked to Four Genes

Gene therapy may protect brain from age-related cognitive decline

Lack of Oxygen, Not Blood Flow, Delays Brain Maturation in Preterm Infants

What is nociceptive pain?

Exercise Can Counteract Treatment Side-Effects, Improve Cardiovascular Fitness in Women With Advanced Breast Cancer

Is the bold claim that a nutrient drink can slow Alzheimer's true?

How Toxic Air Clouds Mental Health

What are these white spots on my skin?

Noninvasive Procedure Is Superior to Steroid Injection for Painful Knee Osteoarthritis

Chuck Norris says MRI chemical poisoned his wife

Cancer Cells Destroyed With Dense Metal Found in Asteroids

Experimental drugs rewire brain connections in autism

How Caries-Causing Bacteria Can Survive in Dental Plaque

Could inflammation in midlife predict dementia?

Gut Bacteria Linked to Age-Related Conditions

Do stents ease chest pain?

Most US Adults Say Today's Children Have Worse Health Prospects

All you need to know about low creatinine levels

Absentee Dads Affect How Women Interpret Interest from Men

Crackdown on bogus marijuana "cures" for cancer

Should Patients Be Asleep or Awake During Brain Surgery?


Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Scientists discover 27 genes that could halt cancer

Bacterial Fats, Not Dietary Ones, May Deserve the Blame for Heart Disease

Teen moms at risk of heart disease†

White Matter Damage Linked to Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in Gulf War Veterans

What causes an apple allergy?

Subset of Stem Cells Identified as Source for All Cells in Blood, Immune Systems

Cot death risk halved with just 2 months of breast-feeding

Your Bones Affect Your Appetite -- And Your Metabolism!

What is the pineal gland?

Breast Cancer Researchers Track Changes in Normal Mammary Duct Cells Leading to Disease

All you need to know about jaw popping†

Gut Microbiome May Make Chemo Drug Toxic to Patients

Soy component could improve breast cancer treatment

Many Prescription Drug Users Not Aware of Driving-Related Risks

Common acid reflux drug increases stomach cancer risk

Brain Tumor's 'Addiction' to Common Amino Acid Could Be Its Weakness

How often should you poop each day? A look at how many times yo

Riding the Bike to Work Is Just as Effective as Leisure Time Exercise

Chemotherapy harms fertility of female cancer patientsí grandchildren, research shows

For 1 in 10 Cancer Patients, Surgery Means Opioid Dependence

More U.S. babies born preterm as progress stalls

Topical Gel Made from Oral Blood Pressure Drugs Shown Effective in Healing Chronic Wounds

Azithromycin Overprescribed for Childhood Pneumonia

Lose Fat, Preserve Muscle: Weight Training Beats Cardio for Older Adults

Marijuana Use Associated With Cognitive Dysfunction in People With HIV Who Have Substance Abuse Disorder, Study Finds


Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Creepy crawlies: Why you were born to fear spiders and snakes

Need to cut down on salt? Try something spicy instead

What causes blisters on the feet?

Little-Known Fruits Contain Powerful Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant Agents

Obese children with asthma spend longer in hospital

Workplace Incivility: The Silent Epidemic

Alzheimer's: Protein from outside the brain may be involved

Prenatal Exposure to BPA at Low Levels Can Affect Gene Expression in Developing Rat Brain

Letter from the Editor: Know thyself

Role of a DNA Repair Mechanism

What you need to know about codependent relationships

Stem Cells Conduct Cartilage Regeneration but Are Not Directly Involved

Eggplant allergy: What you need to know

Higher Thyroid Hormone Levels Associated With Artery Disease and Early Death††††††††

How do you get rid of blushing?

Spicy Food May Curb Unhealthy Cravings for Salt

Why do we get hungry?

Alzheimer's Disease Might Be a 'Whole Body' Problem

Aspirin slashes risk of gastrointestinal cancer

Wristband Devices Detect Dangerous Seizures in Patients With Epilepsy

Can we halt aging? Math says 'no'

Elderly Chromosomes Activate Genes Differently Than in the Young

Assaults go up when daylight saving time ends, study finds

Radon on the Radar

How does rheumatoid arthritis affect the skin?

How Memories Ripple Through the Brain

Acetaminophen use in pregnancy linked to ADHD in study, but no cause is proven

Uncomfortable Sight from an Ancient Reflex of the Eye


Monday, October 30, 2017


Suicide could be predicted with brain imaging

How Flu Shot Manufacturing Forces Influenza to Mutate

Diabetes: Synthetic beta cells could lead to skin patch treatment

Breastfeeding for Two Months Halves Risk of SIDS

All you need to know about ridges in fingernails

Bonding Benefits of Breastfeeding Extend Years Beyond Infancy

Life hacks: How to cope with night shifts

It's Mathematically Impossible to Beat Aging, Scientists Say

Getting fit with friends may boost life quality

Focused Ultrasound Shows Promise for Treating Parkinson's Tremor

What is vellus hair?

For Older Adults With Diabetes, Losing Weight With Diet, Exercise Can Improve Circulation

What causes salt cravings?

All you need to know about belly button discharge

Distracted? Blame that donut

Acetaminophen during pregnancy tied to ADHD risk in kids

Could distinct 'carbohydrate taste' be tied to obesity?

Should colon cancer screening start younger?

How to get thicker hair

FDA moves to ax claim for heart benefits from soy foods


Sunday, October 29, 2017


Hair loss most common in summer, fall†

Intake of Pesticide Residue from Fruits, Vegetables and Infertility Treatment Outcomes

Your mother-in-law may affect your fertility†

Umbilical Cord Blood Improves Motor Skills in Some Children With Cerebral Palsy

What causes dactylitis (sausage fingers)?†

Less Fat, More Hair and Younger Skin: Study in Mice Shows Benefits from Calorie-Restricted Diet

Onycholysis: Treatments for detached nails

Important Mechanism of Epigenetic Gene Regulation Identified

What is anisocytosis?

Sulfur Respiration in Mammals and Antioxidant Activity

Daydreamers may 'have more efficient brains'

Mental Health Clinicians Need to Better Engage Men With Depression

Why do toenails become thick?

Less but More Frequent Exercise Best to Reduce Weight? Study Provides a Clue


Saturday, October 28, 2017


Should you wash your hair everyday?

Can diabetics eat watermelon?

Benefits of castor oil for the face and skin

Dogs may lower risk of childhood eczema, reduce asthma symptoms

What are rheumatoid nodules?

Attractive people not wanted for unattractive jobs, study finds

All you need to know about thick blood

Fertility preservation: What are women's options?

When fear strikes: Study sheds new light on brain mechanism