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Friday, October 28, 2016


A Skin Graft for Bad Burns

Infant With Deadly Disease That Causes Scaly Skin Survives to Celebrate 1st Birthday

New Discovery in Understanding Chemotherapy Resistance Could Prevent Cancer Cells Fighting Back

Halloween Dangers Not Always What's Expected

Autism Spectrum Disorder Linked to Mutations in Some Mitochondrial DNA

First Baby in Puerto Rico With Zika-Related Microcephaly Born

Hookworms could help treat asthma

Breakthrough in Production of Dopamine Neurons for Parkinson's Disease

Medicaid Finds Opportune Time to Offer Birth Control: Right After Birth

Diet success: Does brain structure play a role?

Does the Flu Provide Better Immunity Than a Flu Shot? 

Osteoarthritis: New blood test detects early stages, study finds

Impact of legalized marijuana

Why Is There a Metallic Taste in My Mouth?

Soylent Says It Will Remake Two of Its Meal Replacers After Customers Became Ill

Diabetes: Controlled glucose delivery could restore insulin production

Should your child take a cholesterol test?

Should I Worry About a Tick Bite?


Thursday, October 27, 2016


Children With Autism May Be Over-Diagnosed With ADHD, New Study Suggests

Treating children's peanut allergy via skin patch shows promise in trial

Senescent Cells, Atherosclerosis Progression Appear to Be Linked

Parent-led autism therapy shows long-term benefits

Vitamin D Supplements for Pregnant Women Should Be Customised to the Individual to Ensure Benefits Are Felt

Men's mental health influenced by blood pressure, heart rate in adolescence

Want to Exercise More? Get Yourself Some Competition

Sugar Pill Beats Two Drugs in Migraine Trial for Children

Mitochondria Control Stem Cell Fate

Scientists Illuminate Key Molecular Player in Both Morphine Addiction and Rare Disease

Enzyme Is Crucial for Combatting Antibiotic-Resistant E. Coli Infections

Study: Brain can learn to "see" again after blindness

Prognostic Role of Side Where Colon Cancer Occurs

Stroke vs. Aneurysm: What is the Difference?

Regular Dental Visits May Help Prevent Pneumonia, Study Shows

Are hormonal contraceptives on the way for men?

Is More, Better? Finding the Balance Between Nutritional Supplements and Eye Health

'Airway-on-a-chip' could yield new treatments for COPD 

Nurses' scrubs can harbor nasty germs

Phantom limb pain relieved using brain-machine interface

Artificial hand helps amputee feel softness

Some kidney transplants coming with big potential catch

Survival after gunshot injuries predicted with new tool

“The hardest part” of breast cancer under 40

Treating a Horsefly Bite: What to Do


Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Cranberry extract disrupts spread of hard-to-treat bacteria

Hexavalent Chromium Is Widespread in North Carolina Wells but Not Linked to Coal Ash

Resting Heart Rate May Predict Future Mental Ills

Early Supplementation May Help Offset Early-Life Stress on the Adult Brain

Sleep loss alters gut microbiota

Mulberry Extract Activates Brown Fat, Shows Promise as Obesity Treatment

Ultrasounds Do Little for Broken Bones

Antibodies from Ebola Survivors Neutralize Virus, Protect Against Infection in Lab

Deaf awareness: Communication made simple

Using Stem Cells to Boost Immunity Against Candida Albicans Infections

Older hip fracture patients face tough odds for recovery

Vitamin E Can Modify the Risk of Pneumonia in Some Older Men Depending on Their Life Style

Are There Any Health Benefits to Drinking Alkaline Water?

Brain Scans of Children With Tourette's Offer Clues to Disorder

Study: “Patient Zero” wrongfully blamed for AIDS epidemic 

Additional Benefit of Omega-3 Fatty Acids for the Clearance of Metabolites from the Brain

Mechanism that triggers fat formation uncovered

Dose of Dextrose Gel Lowers Risk of Low Blood Sugar in Newborns

UN expert calls junk food a human rights concern

The Buzz About Edible Bugs: Can They Replace Beef?

Early intervention for parents of children with autism reduces symptoms

New Immunotherapy Technique Holds Promise for Curing Food Allergies

Easing Labor Pain May Help Reduce Postpartum Depression in Some Women

Iron Supplements in the Fight Against Lead


Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Air Pollution’s Toll on Heart May Begin Early

Should the Food Industry Sneak Vegetables Into Food?

Breakthrough Drug Approved as Alternative to Chemotherapy for People With Advanced Lung Cancer

Unraveling how autism differs in boys and girls

World’s Largest Study Shows Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Air Pollution and Traffic Noise on Blood Pressure 

How virtual reality can help the visually impaired

Brain folding 'slackens' with age, study finds

The brains of kids with PTSD are different

Triple-negative breast cancer: Prolactin study may lead to new treatments

Mom's powerful message after 12-year-old dies from flu

Restoring evolutionary fatty acid balance may curb obesity

Baby “born twice” after life-saving surgery outside womb

Structure of Key DNA Replication Protein Solved

How to Get Rid of a Stye: Treatments and Home Remedies

Halloween Candy Deconstructed: Ingredients of a Few Popular Halloween Candies

Can dry salt therapy rooms help you breathe easier?

More Than 50% of Americans Now Have at Least One Chronic Health Condition, Mental Disorder or Substance-Use Issue

Women now drinking almost as much as men

Dieting Success May Be Hardwired Into the Brain

Fat in Feces Points to Early Presence of Colorectal Cancer


Monday, October 24, 2016


New Effort Aims to Prevent Surgery-Related Opioid Addiction Across Michigan

CMV Is a Greater Threat to Infants Than Zika, but Far Less Often Discussed

Calcium Induces Chronic Lung Infections

How an Aesthete’s Eye Can Help a Doctor’s Hand

Old Blood Is as Good as New, International Study Shows

Unicef Cuts Cost of Vaccine That Protects Against 5 Diseases

How Sweet It Is: Artificial Sweeteners in Blood

Spray-On Tanning, Considered

Stem Cells Also Rust 

Why doctors are saying infants should share parents' room

MRSA Uses Decoys to Evade a Last-Resort Antibiotic

Tumor Markers Can Reveal Lethality of Bladder Cancers, Guide Treatment

Boosting Levels of Known Antioxidant May Help Resist Age-Related Decline

Nearly 30 percent of U.S. cancer deaths tied to smoking

Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Ulcerative Colitis: Many Patients Don't Get Testing, Treatment

Blood test could predict pregnancy complications, poor fetal growth

Scientists Uncover Why Hepatitis C Virus Vaccine Has Been Difficult to Make

A big question about kids and headaches

Study Links Small RNA Molecule to Pregnancy Complication

Stroke risk higher for younger than older pregnant women

Brain changes seen in kids after one season of football

Type 1 diabetes: Blocking immune signal may prevent disease onset

Lifting weights could make you more intelligent, study suggests 

Brown Recluse Spider Bite: Symptoms and Treatment

Most common words doctors say to pregnant women with Zika

Sudden infant death syndrome: New safe sleep guidelines issued

Mixing Energy Drinks, Alcohol May Affect Adolescent Brains Like Cocaine


Sunday, October 23, 2016


Is tuberculosis an autoimmune disease?

Heading a Soccer Ball Causes Instant Changes to the Brain

Black Widow Spider Bite: Symptoms and Treatment

Many Back Pain Patients Get Limited Relief from Opioids and Worry About Taking Them, Survey Shows

Fitness, not physical activity, mitigates negative effects of prolonged sitting

Research Shows Physical Activity Does Not Improve After Hip Replacement


Saturday, October 22, 2016


Onion compound suppresses ovarian cancer cell proliferation

New Strategy to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease