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Friday, November 23, 2018


Men who eat lots of fruits and vegetables have less memory loss

Rainforest vine compound kills resilient cancer cells

Could a type of sugar halt cancer's march?

New blood test can detect ovarian cancer in its early stages

Scientist races to find a cure for ALS while battling the disease himself

Brain health: Low-protein, high-carb diet just as good as low-calorie diet


Thursday, November 22, 2018


What is the difference between IBS and IBD?

Hepatitis C symptoms in women

What are the best sleeping pills?

Six uses of Tiger Balm

Can you take a Z pack for a cold?

Stopping tumor cell movement halts cancer spread

Obesity: Researchers identify 4 subtypes

Why does psoriasis increase diabetes risk?

Dental dams: Everything you need to know   

How gratitude can improve your health, happiness and relationships

What is herpes esophagitis?   

FDA identifies possible culprit as source of tainted romaine lettuce

This is how your brain predicts future events· 

Another human case of rat hepatitis reported, surprising researchers

Could managing cholesterol prevent Alzheimer's?


Wednesday, November 21, 2018


 Sweet options for people with diabetes

Anabolic Steroids Linked to Higher Rates of Premature Death in Men

How much does hepatitis C treatment cost?

Study Uncovers Link Between Air Pollution and Intellectual Disabilities in Children

What are the benefits of licorice root?

Probiotics No Help to Young Kids With Stomach Virus

Milk of magnesia: What you need to know

Orange Juice, Leafy Greens and Berries May Be Tied to Decreased Memory Loss in Men

Best foods for increasing low testosterone

hat are the side effects of gabapentin?

 Melanoma: Keeping these molecules apart could stop cancer spread

Alzheimer's vaccine draws closer

What an exotic fish can do for human heart health

Benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil

What to know about cassava: Nutrition and toxicity

Women Benefit from Mammography Screening Beyond Age 75

How you react to stress may predict brain health 

For people with PTSD, imagining the threat might help

How your personality could affect your longevity

 Hong Kong finds humans contracted hepatitis carried in rats


 Tuesday, November 20, 2018 


Magnesium sulfate for asthma treatment

Routine Vitamin B12 Screening May Prevent Irreversible Nerve Damage in Type-2 Diabetes

Benefits of soaking your feet in vinegar

Antioxidants May Prevent Cognitive Impairment in Diabetes

What are the benefits of cherry juice?

Natural colon cleanses: Everything you need to know

The Trojan Horse of Staphylococcus Aureus

Health benefits of coconut milk

What are bone metastases in prostate cancer?

Study investigates how MDMA affects cooperation and trust

How aspirin and omega-3 may reduce cancer risk

Ecstacy Makes People Cooperative, but Not Gullible

Suicide: Study finds 4 genes that may raise risk   

Major chickenpox outbreak in anti-vax hot spot

What are the benefits of flaxseed oil?   

More than 20 California cities have unhealthy air from fires

Pregnancy trimesters: A guide

A third of parents to skip flu shot for their kids

What does autism look like in the brain? 

Father aims to improve CDC reporting of illnesses with 'polio-like' symptoms

Why a low-gluten diet may benefit everyone

New experimental drug offers hope for those with peanut allergies


Monday, November 19, 2018 


What does it mean to have stage 4 pancreatic cancer?

What to know about sperm analysis

Alpha-lipoic acid: Everything you need to know

What are the early symptoms of COPD?

Is blue waffle a real medical condition?

What are the risks and benefits of pox parties?

Strength training tied to better heart health than aerobic

How to protect your mental well-being this festive season

'Breakthrough' treatment for peanut allergy awaits FDA check

Using Skype to Beat the Blues

How do you make mosquito bites go away faster?

Spanking in Developing Countries Does More Harm Than Good, Study Suggests

How do you get COPD?

Noise Pollution in Hospitals: A Rising Problem

Blood pressure medications: Everything you need to know   

Honey-filled pacifiers linked to cases of botulism

The long-term outcomes of breast implants studied

Gun control vs. mental health care: debate after mass shootings clouds murky reality

How does social media use affect our body image?

Type 1 Diabetes: The daily struggles of dealing with the invisible, incurable disease


Sunday, November 18, 2018


Osteoporosis: Could probiotics protect bone health?  

Bowled over for breakfast


 Saturday, November 17, 2018


Lawsuit: Yale removed depressed student from campus

 Does using testosterone to treat depression work? 

Florida sues Walgreens, CVS over opioid sales

These jobs have the highest risk for suicide 

California's air now the dirtiest in the world