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Friday, June 15, 2018


Why do I wake up depressed?

Gum Disease May Be a Key Initiator of Rheumatoid Arthritis Related Autoimmunity

How do you treat a fecal impaction?

Obesity in Childhood and Adulthood Shown to Increase Risk of Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis

Parkinson's: Could this 'missing link' be a cause?

Brain Matures Faster Due to Childhood Stress

What to know about ileus

Opioid Overdose Responsible for Over 500,000 Years of Life Lost in Ohio

How could designer proteins thwart cancer?

Study With Implications for Opioid Crisis Finds Opioids Raise Risk of Fracture Nonunion

Red meat allergy may increase heart disease risk

What to know about a stomach tissue biopsy

What are the first symptoms of ovarian cancer?

24-hour Holter monitoring: What to know

Stable angina: Everything you need to know

Assessing trauma through art: The signs of inner struggle

Low vitamin D levels may raise bowel cancer risk

Why can you have a missed period on birth control?


Thursday, June 14, 2018


What does it mean if you have a high C-reactive protein? 

Bone Mass May Suffer When Teenage Girls Binge Drink

Is crab and other seafood safe to eat during pregnancy?

Blood Vitamin D Levels Linked to Colorectal Cancer Risk

What to know about glossitis

Girls With High Level of Vitamin D Have Stronger Muscles

A supple aorta might slow brain aging

Water Fluoridation Confirmed to Prevent Dental Decay in US Children and Adolescents

Finding it hard to cut down on processed foods?

MS: New findings may 'prevent future loss of brain cells'  

Why a major study on the Mediterranean diet was retracted

How do birth control pills affect menopause?

Kids in these U.S. "hotspots" vulnerable to vaccine-preventable disease

What causes forehead acne?

Vitamin D: Good for bones, and possibly the colon

Why do I feel pain in my ear when swallowing?

Fewer US teens smoking, doing drugs ... and drinking milk

Coronary artery spasm

Foods with carbs and fats together make the brain light up more, study finds

Using spider silk to boost our immune systems

Is laser eye surgery riskier than people think?

The curious case of a blind woman who sees motion

6 easy rituals that can help protect your mental health, starting now

What are some home remedies for shingles?


Wednesday, June 13, 2018


What is a urine specific gravity test?

Mediterranean-Style Eating With Lean, Unprocessed Red Meat Improves Heart Disease Risk

How can disc desiccation be treated?

Lentils Significantly Reduce Blood Glucose Levels

Smoking and diabetes 'risk factors' for calcium buildup in brain

What is refeeding?

Metabolic risk tied to both too much and too little sleep

Single brain 'switch' controls both sleep and wakefulness

What causes breath to smell like urine?

What to know about Epstein-Barr virus testing

No Link Found Between Oral Antifungal Drug and Stillbirth

Lower back pain and vaginal discharge

Dementia Can Be Caused by Hypertension

How long does it take for a gum graft to heal?

Brain-eating amoeba found in same district for 3rd  time since 2015

Even slightly elevated blood pressure increases dementia risk

Common prescription drugs may be linked to depression: Study

Frozen orange juice may be more healthful than fresh

Cold, hard cash and a fitness device could help motivate people to exercise: Study

What causes webbed toes in humans?


Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Type 2 diabetes: New pill could 'mimic the effects of surgery'

How did a tick bite temporarily paralyze a 5-year-old girl?

Skull-drilling: The ancient roots of modern neurosurgery

David Vs Goliath: How a Small Molecule Can Defeat Asthma Attacks

Is it bronchitis or asthma?

A New Kind of Vaccine Based on Spider Silk

Common symptoms of a sinus infection

Psychedelic Drugs Promote Neural Plasticity in Rats and Flies

Eleven tips for white spots on teeth

Dementia Risk Increased in 50-Year-Olds With Blood Pressure Below Hypertension Threshold

Is Parkinson's linked to bacteriophages?

Sleeping Too Much or Not Enough May Have Bad Effects on Health

What to know about menopause and sore breasts

Mozart, Meditation and a Yoga Mat: Oncologists Welcome Integrative Therapies for Breast Cancer

What is the wet mount procedure?

Finally, Hope for a Syphilis Vaccine

What does a positive or negative Hoffman sign mean?

Better Physical Fitness and Lower Aortic Stiffness Key to Slower Brain Aging

What is the first sign of multiple myeloma?  

Is your workplace making you fat?

Gene editing for cancer prevention may actually cause cancer

Smoking and Diabetes Linked to Brain Calcifications

Renowned heart transplant program on hold after recent patient deaths

Heart disease: Erectile dysfunction may double risk

A third of American adults take prescription drugs that can cause depression: Study

Composition of Complex Sugars in Breast Milk May Prevent Future Food Allergies


Monday, June 11, 2018


This 'light-activated' drug could treat Parkinson's

Device Attaches to Damaged Heart, Enabling Delivery of Multiple Therapy Doses

Bubonic plague 1,000 years older than previously thought

'Surgery in a Pill': Treatment for Diabetes

Can tea tree oil treat eczema?

Orange Peels May Hold Secret to Airborne Medicine, Safer Bridges

What is knee arthroscopy?

Drug Targets Metabolic Vulnerability and Impairs Cancer Cell Growth and Survival

Can mangoes protect heart and gut health?

Mutation Links Bipolar Disorder to Mitochondrial Disease

Why are some people ticklish?

How to Slow Down Ebola

A 'Super' Receptor That Helps Kill HIV Infected Cells

What causes bile duct obstruction?

Deep-Freezing of Orange Juice Can Increase the Absorption of Beneficial Compounds

Genetic Markers for Prostate Cancer

Researchers begin to make progress against opioid abuse

What causes chest pain that comes and goes?   

Babies, toddlers eat way too much sugar, study finds

How to stop anxious lip biting

Twitter CEO blasted for patronizing Chick-fil-A

Bacteriophages: A replacement for antibiotics?

Can a tick really paralyze a person?

Nutrition 2018: New data confirm health benefits of plant-based diet A raft of new studies presented at the recent

Food at work adds up to a lot of extra, often empty, calories: Study


Sunday, June 10, 2018


Everything you need to know about aspiration pneumonia

Lightning crotch: What to know about shooting pain during pregnancy

How long does laser hair removal last?

What do yellow toenails mean?

High-salt diet may kill off 'good' gut bacteria

Can babies and toddlers drink almond milk?

Toddlers consuming too much added sugar, study finds

Using microbes to track down criminals


Saturday, June 9, 2018


Serum iron test: High, low, and normal ranges

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Found in the US Presents a Triple Threat

What can cause cramps and discharge?

Kitchen Towels Could Contribute to the Growth of Potential Pathogens That Cause Food Poisoning

Does CBD oil workfor menopause symptoms?

Bifidobacteria Supplement Colonizes Gut of Breastfed Infants

What to know about bee sting allergies

Loneliness Is Bad for the Heart

What happens in the brain during a spiritual experience?

What causes knee buckling?

Probiotics might make us immune to stress

What to know about low blood sugar in the morning

Is chest pain a symptom of asthma?