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Friday, September 29, 2017


Zinc may help to prevent, treat esophageal cancer  

These neurons make us fall asleep when we are bored

What is heat exhaustion? Symptoms and treatment

How different are men's and women's brains?

Frequent Sauna Bathing Keeps Blood Pressure in Check

Sniffing out dementia with a simple smell test

Elderly Who Have Trouble Identifying Odors Face Risk of Dementia

Itchy gums: Causes, relief, and prevention

Transcranial Electrical Stimulation Shows Promise for Treating Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Cumin: Six health benefits

Video Gamers Have an Advantage in Learning

Five home remedies for athlete's foot

Physical Abuse and Punishment Impact Children's Academic Performance

Pancreatic cancer could be treated with a Parkinson's drug

After eye tattoo goes wrong, model issues warning on social media

Meditation may help to lower heart disease risk

Ways to boost bone health as you age

Infected eczema: Symptoms, treatment, and prevention

Childhood cancer survivor returns to hospital as nurse more than 20 years later


Thursday, September 28, 2017


Appetite-controlling neurons could help us lose weight

The 10 best blogs for skin disorders

Melatonin and alcohol: Are they safe to mix?

Zinc Can Halt the Growth of Cancer Cells, Study Says

Migraine with aura may raise stroke risk

Highly Virulent Bacterium Causes Rampant Caries in Some Children

Diabetes: Effective relief for nerve pain steps closer

Parkinson's Disease Involves Degeneration of the Olfactory System

Vaginal gas: Common causes and prevention

Delayed Diagnosis, Not Gender, Affects Women’s Treatment for Heart Disease

Dry skin: Seven home remedies

Bed Bugs Attracted to Dirty Laundry

What is the best time to take vitamins?

Early 'Full-Term' Babies May Have Poorer Respiratory Fitness Through Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Diabetes drug cuts Parkinson's risk by 28 percent, study finds

Mosquito gut bacteria may offer clues to malaria control

Is turmeric good for your skin?

FDA OKs continuous blood sugar monitor without finger pricks

Can coffee help to treat Parkinson's? Not likely

FDA requires opioid makers to develop doctor training


Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Brain circuit that makes you crave salt identified

Asthma: Redefining this silent killer

Seven causes of a high PSA that are not cancer

Preterm adults have 'older' brains, finds study

Schizophrenia risk gene plays key role in early brain development

Breakthrough in Understanding the Origin of the Aging Process

Ascending aortic aneurysm: Symptoms, causes, and treatments

Teen First in Virginia to Receive Cancer Gene Therapy in Clinical Trial

How to get an Adonis belt

Iron Supplements Have Long-Term Benefits for Low Birth-Weight Babies

Hematopoiesis: All you need to know

Middle Age Fattens You Up If You Do Not Increase Your Physical Activity

Heart failure could be treated using umbilical cord stem cells

Red Blood Cells for Transfusion Like a Good Red: A Little Older, a Little Better

Good moods may boost flu shot efficacy for seniors

Plant Substance Inhibits Cancer Stem Cells

Swine flu found in 5 people after contact with pigs

Brain Cells That Control Appetite Identified for First Time

Nipple discharge: Causes and treatments   

How to Grow a Spine 

Doctors remove toy man inhaled 40 years ago

Mini-Protein Rapid Design Method Opens Way to Create a New Class of Drugs


Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Cancerous Toxins Linked to Cannabis Extract

How to reduce brain inflammation with a keto diet

Milk-Alternative Drinks Do Not Replace the Iodine in Cows' Milk

Coffee could halve death risk for patients with HIV, hepatitis C

People Are Reluctant to Use Public Defibrillators to Treat Cardiac Arrests

Itchy nipples: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

One in 5 Teens Report Having Had a Concussion in Their Lifetime

Coping with irritable bowel syndrome

Scientists Unlock Mysteries of How Ebola Uses People's Immune Defenses to Cause Infection

Osteoporosis: Biology behind age-related bone loss revealed

Antibiotics Warranted for Kids With Minor Staph Infections

Eleven ways to help prevent kidney stones

Larger-Dose Opioid Prescriptions Not Coming from Emergency Departments, Study Shows

Extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL): Infection and treatment

Antibody Protects Against Zika and Dengue, Mouse Study Shows

Frequent ejaculation and prostate cancer: What's the link?   

These infections are a hidden risk in kids' sports

Stopping aspirin treatment raises cardiovascular risk by over a third   

Chronic Wasting Disease

FDA targets "rogue" online pharmacies

Enzyme may prevent rebound after weight loss

Agent Orange Still Linked to Hormone Imbalances in Babies in Vietnam

 Higher Risk of Heart Failure in Cold Weather

U.S. pays high price for obesity

Pioneering nerve treatment gives man in vegetative state signs of consciousness for first time in 15 years

Weight Loss for Adults at Any Age Leads to Cost Savings, Study Suggests

Middle-aged women prescribed twice as many opioids as middle-aged men, report finds

Amount of Water in Stem Cells Can Determine Its Fate as Fat or Bone

Lactation Hormone Also Helps a Mother's Brain

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells for Failing Hearts?


Monday, September 25, 2017


Consciousness 'restored' using nerve stimulation

New cancer-causing syndrome uncovered

Can HSV2 be transmitted through oral sex? What you need to know

Scars: Are they preventable?

How exercise rejuvenates cells, extending lifespan

Antidepressants and weight gain: What's the connection?

Quitting Daily Aspirin Therapy May Increase Second Heart Attack, Stroke Risk

Suprapubic catheters: Uses, care, and what to expect

Bone Marrow Concentrate Improves Joint Transplants

Can you live without a pancreas? What you need to know

Diabetes Medicine Reduces Parkinson's Risk

Marijuana and 'spice' could trigger seizures, study says

Diet, in Addition to Alcohol Consumption, May Play Important Role in Liver Problems

Depression: Is brain inflammation tied to suicidal thoughts?

The Rat Race Is Over: New Livestock Model for Stroke Could Speed Discovery

Too much manganese may lower children's IQ

Maternal Diet Could Affect Kids' Brain Reward Circuitry

Gene Associated With Schizophrenia Risk Regulates Early Brain Development

How technology can impact long-term health

Thinking 'out-of-the-Box' May Build a Better Brain and Prevent Dementia

Regenerating Tissues With Gene-Targeting Molecules

Fat necrosis: Causes and treatment

Fresh Blood for Damaged Tissues Via Alginate Hydrogels

Prostaglandin EI Inhibits Leukemia Stem Cells

Wound Care: Patch Could Improve Healing and Reduce Scarring

Violent Crime Increases During Warmer Weather, No Matter the Season, Study Finds

Newly Revealed Autism-Related Genes Include Genes Involved in Cancer

Are Children Who See Movie Characters Use Guns More Likely to Use Them?

Treatment restores signs of awareness in brain-injured man

Child Abuse Affects Brain Wiring

MRI Contrast Agent Locates and Distinguishes Aggressive from Slow-Growing Breast Cancer

Coffee sold in California could carry cancer warning labels

Genes Are Controlled by 'Nano Footballs,' Scientists Discover

Why you should NEVER put that lemon slice in your drink: Research shows the disgusting health risks of cocktail garnishes 

Antibody Protects Against Zika and Dengue, Mouse Study Shows


Sunday, September 24, 2017


High fluoride levels in pregnancy may lower offspring IQ

OCD: Cognitive behavioral therapy improves brain connectivity

Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrusts): How to do it

Onion juice for hair growth: Does it work?

Why is my nose red?

Caffeic acid: Uses, side effects, and foods

Blocking the 'love hormone' may reduce social anxiety

Nine ways to raise blood pressure If a person's blood

Chronic Migraine Cases Are Amplified by Jawbone Disorder


Saturday, September 23, 2017


Can you increase your height as an adult?

How to tell if you've had a good night's sleep

Stage zero breast cancer: All you need to know

Dense breast tissue: All you need to know

Coughing at night: Ten ways to relieve a nighttime cough

How purple potatoes could prevent colon cancer

'Mood spreads from person to person via social contagion'

Wide-faced people may have a higher sex drive

Chest pain and anxiety: What you need to know