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Friday, September 23, 2016


Allergists Warn Against Using 'DIY EpiPen'

Existence of exercise-induced muscle memory challenged

 Cancer-Stricken Girl in Remission After Family Raises $180K for Experimental Treatment

City design, transport may reduce global burden of disease and injury

Long-term alcohol dependence affects cognitive abilities

Vitamin B Levels During Pregnancy Linked to Eczema Risk in Child

ALS could be prevented with technique that halts protein clumping

Drug-resistant bugs flourish in aging U.S. water systems

Unused dental surgery prescriptions may help fuel opioid epidemic


Thursday, September 22, 2016


Youthful DNA in Old Age 

Why the teen years may not be lean years

Sweet News: Sucralose Is Not Linked to Cancer, Study Finds

Anticellulite Creams: Are They Worth Your Money?

New Method to Predict Skin Stretchiness Could Help Burn Victims Grow New Skin

U.S. states allege drugmaker hid generic opioid

Researchers Take a New Step Towards Non-Antibiotic Bladder Infection Therapies

Curiosity about cigarettes, cigars falling among students 

Drug-resistant gonorrhea a growing threat in the U.S.

Cancer: Shutting down fat synthesis in cancer cells stunts tumor growth 

Leading cause of injury, death in seniors is on the rise

Multiple sclerosis: Progression-reduction drug in the pipeline

Report: Scientist first to edit genes of healthy embryos

 Fish Oil May Help Improve Mood in Veterans

7 Natural Diuretics to Eat and Drink

New Insights Into Potent Cancer Tumor Suppressor Gen


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Drug May Prevent, Reduce Progression of MS in Mice

Smoking may affect DNA for more than 30 years

Computers Learn to Spot Deadly Bacteria

Vasectomy Not Tied to Prostate Cancer Risk

 Importance of Breast Milk Gene for Toddler Gut Bacteria

'Obesity gene' does not hinder weight loss

Trial Helps Doctors Tell Lewy Body Dementia from Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

Hepatitis C: Signs and Symptoms

Bile Acid Uptake Inhibitor Prevents Nash/fatty Liver in Mice

Gut bacteria may affect obesity risk in youth

Stem Cell 'Heart Patch' Moves Closer to Clinic

Kitten lovers beware: CDC warns of cat-scratch disease risk

Speedy Bacteria Detector Could Help Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

Sugar and heart disease: The sour side of industry-funded research 

Smallest-Reported Artificial Virus Could Help Advance Gene Therapy

New guidelines on radiation therapy for breast cancer 

Superbug MRSA May Be Spreading Through Contaminated Poultry

Tension Headaches: Treatment, Causes, and Symptoms 

Sleep Is Key to Curing Chronic Pain

New guidelines on radiation therapy for breast cancer

Stimulating Neurons Could Protect Against Brain Damage, Research Shows

Alzheimer's protein changes shape to enter brain cells


Tuesday, September 20, 2016


FDA Launches Contest for Opioid Antidote App to Curtail Overdose Deaths

Stress erases benefits of eating 'good' fats, study says

Chemical Exposure Linked to Lower Vitamin D Levels

Heart disease: Could sleep disorders play a role?

Gut Bacteria Differ Between Obese, Lean Youth

Feeding peanut, egg to babies early lowers food allergy risk, review finds

Genetic 'Switch' Identified as Potential Target for Alzheimer’s Disease

Link between depression and gestational diabetes works two ways

Shape-Shifting Protein Behind Alzheimer's Disease

HIV: New, powerful technique finds dormant virus hiding in rare cells

Human 'Junk' Gene Sequences Can Promote Translation

How much sugar do Americans consume? It's complicated

Better, Cost-Effective Depression Treatment for Teens Identified

Receding Gums: Treatment Options and Causes

Researchers Identify Concussion Treatment for Persistent Cases in Children

Drug-resistant germs could lead to millions of deaths: UN

Math Study Shows Our Brains Are Far More Adaptable Than We Know

Stretch Mark Removal: Treatments and Home Remedies

Inherited Parental Methylation Shifts Over Time, May Have Functional Effects in the Brain and Other Tissues 

Will a fitness tracker really help you lose weight?

Examining Mitochondrial DNA May Help Identify Unknown Ancestry That Influences Breast Cancer Risk

Heart disease: Could sleep disorders play a role?

Can Nicotine Protect the Aging Brain?

Study: Babies less cute to opioid users

Fungus in Humans Identified for First Time as Key Factor in Crohn's Disease

Link between depression and gestational diabetes works two ways

VW Emissions Cheat May Lead to 50 Premature Deaths, $423 Million in Economic Costs, Study Shows


Monday, September 19, 2016


Common Blood-Pressure Drug May Work on Malaria, Too   

Diet and Exercise May Improve Physical Function and Quality of Life in Older Obese Adults

Internet addiction could signal other problems

Binge-Eating Disorder Linked to Other Health Conditions

Codeine Too Risky for Kids, Experts Say, Urging Restrictions on Use

Premature or Early-Onset Menopause Associated With Increased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease, Cardiovascular Disease Mortality, All-Cause Mortality

Pediatricians warn against codeine in kids' prescriptions

Math Study Shows Our Brains Are Far More Adaptable Than We Know

Suicide can strike children as young as 5, study warns

Zika Virus Can Be Detected in Eye's Conjunctival Fluid

Laughter may boost physical activity, mental health for seniors

Glutamate Plays Previously Unknown Role in Neuromuscular Development

First drug approved for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Medication to Prevent Heart Attacks Linked With Reduced Heart Attack Severity

Heart Attack or Heartburn? Differences Between Types of Chest Pain

Desalinated Sea Water Linked to Iodine Deficiency Disorders

CDC: Aerial spraying is helping curb Zika in Miami

Mobile Device Detects Irregular Heartbeats, Helps to Prevent Cerebral Infarctions

Asthma diagnosis from saliva test looks promising

Parkinson's Disease Protein Plays Vital 'Marshalling' Role in Healthy Brains


Sunday, September 18, 2016


Can omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids improve reading skills?

Deworming drugs could treat deadly C. difficile infection

How a Bacterial Virulence Factor Promotes Its Own Secretion


Saturday, September 17, 2016


Innovative sound therapy treats hypertension and migraine

Nanoparticle Drug Cocktail Could Help Treat Lethal Cancers

Walking style may indicate aggressive personality