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Friday,  August 31, 2018


Mediterranean diet shown to prolong seniors' lives

Eating in 10-Hour Window Can Override Disease-Causing Genetic Defects, Nurture Health

Cancer update: Research from August 2018  

ADHD rates in kids have increased over the past 20 years, new study says

Is it safe to take Pepto-Bismol during pregnancy?  

Unique chorus gives voice to people with Alzheimer's

How to stop or speed up your period

Grandparents raising grandkids amid opioid epidemic

What to know about Foley bulb induction

Dangerous genital infection linked to common diabetes meds, FDA warns

What causes itchy nipples while breastfeeding?

Publix recalls beef that may carry E. coli

What days can you get pregnant?

Cryptosporidiosis Worsened in Mice on Probiotics

What does the LH surge mean for pregnancy?

Investigators Find That Bile Acids Reduce Cocaine Reward

Rheumatoid arthritis and back pain

How to treat and prevent drool rash

Benefits of black seed oil.

How do you kill food cravings?  

How do you treat neck pain in children?

Stroke significantly increases the risk of dementia

How does generosity benefit health? Brain study sheds light

What to know about brain stem strokes .

Is it safe to take ibuprofen while breastfeeding? .


Thursday, August 30, 2018


What are the signs of prostate infection?  

Why is my period so light?

Can you overdose on caffeine?

How does rheumatoid arthritis cause anemia?

What causes cramps without a period?  

What is frontal sinusitis and what causes it?  

How can I get to sleep easily?

Is there a link between acid reflux and palpitations?

Cancer: Using cell metabolism to fight stubborn tumors

What are the signs of Crohn's disease?

Fighting Alzheimer's with 'decoy receptors'

Opioid crisis breakthrough: Non-addictive painkiller found effective

How to manage morning stiffness with rheumatoid arthritis

Novel Concepts for the Diagnosis of Fatty Liver and Personalized Treatment 

The FBI now has a fitness test app

What are symptoms of type 2 diabetes in children?   

Elephants' "zombie" gene may shed light on cancer prevention

Does a faint positive line mean you are pregnant?   

Even small medical debt can be big trouble

Can simply changing your meal times help you lose more weight?   

Parents urged to prioritize their kids' eye exams

How to spot and treat RSV in babies  

The pluses and minuses of allowing medical marijuana at school

Best exercises for rheumatoid arthritis pain

Nutritionist's tips for picking the nut butter best for your diet and budget

MS: New drug proven to slow brain shrinkage


Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Are red spots on the breast a sign of cancer?

Gum Disease Treatment May Improve Symptoms in Cirrhosis Patients

Can a baby's heartbeat predict their sex?

Chemotherapy May Lead to Early Menopause in Young Women With Lung Cancer

What to know about chronic ear infections

Failing Immune System 'Brakes' Help Explain Type 1 Diabetes in Mice

What are the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle?

Study of Rare Cancer Yields Therapeutic Clues to Combat Drug Resistance

Eight home remedies for bee stings

Restless Legs Syndrome Brain Stimulation Study Supports Motor Cortex 'Excitability' as a Cause

Male and Female Tennis Players Decline at Same Rate

Father's Diet Could Affect the Long-Term Health of His Offspring

Deadly salmonella outbreak linked to kosher chicken, CDC says

Food Activates Brown Fat

What causes lactation when not pregnant or breastfeeding?

Multiple Sclerosis Drug Slows Brain Shrinkage, Study Finds 

Drinking water shut off in Detroit public schools

How exercise affects metabolic hormones

Stem Cells Show Promise as Drug Delivery Tool for Childhood Brain Cancer 

Why are hospital bills so high? Lessons of a $109K heart attack

What is the link between rheumatoid arthritis and fevers?

Changes in Breakfast and Dinner Timings Can Reduce Body Fat 

Drug recalled over potentially life-threatening label mix-up

Ketamine for depression may contribute to opioid dependence

Using Telemedicine to Increase Life Expectancy 

The keto diet is popular, but is it good for you?

Dairy and meat 'beneficial for heart health and longevity'

17 sickened in 4 states because of a salmonella outbreak tied to raw chicken: CDC

What to know about MRSA in children

Earwax poses unrecognized risk in long-term care

What are the benefits of pistachios?  

Nutritionist shares tips on picking the right grain for your belly

Is it possible to get pregnant while on birth control?

Ketamine may be helpful in treating depression, study shows

Newly discovered skull channels play role in immunity

Japanese police probe 4 hospital deaths after air-con failed

Primary breast cancer can 'shut down its own spread'


Tuesday, August 28, 2018


What causes stasis dermatitis and ulcers?   

More Patients Survive Sudden Cardiac Arrest With New EMS Technique That Uses a Breathing Tube

Anti-inflammatory meal plan: 26 recipes to try

Smallest Medical Robot for the Guinness World Records

What to know about rheumatoid lung disease

Combination Approach Shows Promise for Beating Advanced Melanoma

Can you miss a period and not be pregnant?

E. Coli Strain from Retail Poultry May Cause Urinary Tract Infections in People

Don't buy into the backlash — the science on meditation is clear

Current Advice to Limit Dairy Intake Should Be Reconsidered, Research Suggests

What is gastritis and duodenitis?

Anxiety, Depression, Other Mental Distress May Increase Heart Attack, Stroke Risk in Adults Over 45

What is the best home remedy for toenail fungus?

Low Carbohydrate Diets Are Unsafe and Should Be Avoided, Study Suggests

Dairy consumption guidelines 'should be revised'

Post-Workout Muscle Building and Repair Blunted in Obese Adults

Distress boosts heart attack and stroke risk

Protein Modifications Pointing to Cancer

STDs rise to record levels in U.S., CDC reports

Alternative Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease

Forehead wrinkles — an early sign of cardiovascular disease?   

Gun deaths top 250,000 per year worldwide, study finds

What to know about complex PTSD

What is hand, foot and mouth disease?

Tips for dealing with rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups

Pediatricians put it bluntly: Motherhood and marijuana don’t mix

Low-carb diets 'are unsafe and should be avoided'

As teens turn to cosmetic surgery, study outlines new age-appropriate guidelines

Could a natural sugar protect against diabetes?

Cow milk, soy, plant-based milk: Which one is right for you?


Monday, August 27, 2018


High blood pressure? Turn up your thermostat

Diet Has Bigger Impact on Emotional Well-Being in Women Than in Men

1 in 12 kids taking multiple medications at risk for a major drug interaction: Study

Epigenetic Analysis of Aggressive Brain Tumors

'Good' cholesterol: How much is too much?

More Accurate Measure of Body Fat Developed

Aspirin disappoints for avoiding first heart attack, stroke

Heart-Brain Connection Could Be Predictive Biomarker for Epilepsy

Warnings raised about leading cause of kids' accidental deaths: "You can't drown-proof a child"

Rare Discovery of New Fatty Acids

Rising carbon dioxides levels could cause global nutritional deficiencies: Study

Diseased Heart Muscle Cells Have Abnormally Shortened Telomeres

Experimental cancer treatment for dogs could one day help humans

The Heart: Digital or Analog?


Sunday, August 26, 2018


Deep Forehead Wrinkles May Signal a Higher Risk for Cardiovascular Mortality

Dogs: Our best friends in sickness and in health

Weight-loss drug Belviq seems safe for heart, study finds

Long-Term Cooking With Coal, Wood, or Charcoal Associated With Cardiovascular Death

The brain uses its 'autocorrect' feature to make out sounds

Oxygen Therapy for Patients Suffering from a Heart Attack Does Not Prevent Heart Failure, Study Finds

Four out of 10 Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Have Unknown Brain Damage

Cancer May Lurk Behind Major Internal Bleeding in Cardiovascular Disease Patients

Patients With High Blood Pressure Unlikely to Reduce Salt


Saturday, August 25, 2018


Newly found 'micro-organ' is immune response 'headquarters'

Pregnant Women With Heart Disease Should Give Birth at No Later Than 40 Weeks Gestation

Too Much of a Good Thing? Very High Levels of 'Good' Cholesterol May Be Harmful

A Smartphone Application Can Help in Screening for Atrial Fibrillation

Do Doctors Really Know How to Diagnose a Heart Attack?

Single Pill With Two Drugs Could Transform Blood Pressure Treatment