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Friday, September 1, 2017


Parkinson's: Asthma drugs may cut risk by a third

Drug May Curb Female Infertility from Cancer Treatments

Breast ultrasound: Why it is done and what to expect  

Intellectual Disabilities Caused by Protein Defect

Hypnosis: What is it, and does it work?

Breast-feeding tied to lower risk of endometriosis diagnosis

Breast cancer and Mirena IUD: What's the link?  

Safety advocates seek ban on high-dose opioids

Bipolar disorder in children: Risk factors and symptoms  

Report: One-third of U.S. adults are beyond overweight

Investigating the neuroscience of contagious yawns

Flu outbreak kills 7 residents in Australian aged care home

Could this hormone rejuvenate memory? A new study suggests that osteoc

Woman dies after botched breast procedure at Sydney clinic


Thursday, August 31, 2017


New Possibility of Studying How Alzheimer's Disease Affects the Brain at Different Ages

Acute myeloid leukemia: Heart drugs may boost chemotherapy

Using DNA to Predict Schizophrenia, Autism

Could a weekly injection get rid of harmful belly fat?

New Source for Brain's Development Discovered

Pemphigus foliaceus: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment  

Faulty DNA Repair Depresses Neural Development

Eyelashes: The eyeball's flirtatious bodyguards

Type 2 diabetes risk four times higher in women with PCOS

Alzheimer's disease: Scientists close in on how it starts and how to stop it

Pressured speech in bipolar disorder: Symptoms and causes

Soluble and insoluble fiber: What is the difference?

Does Indoor Spraying Help Prevent Dengue?

Death risk almost doubles with severe psoriasis, study suggests

Keto diet and its health benefits

Drugs Targeting the Beta2-Adrenoreceptor Linked to Parkinson's Disease

Sacral dimple: Symptoms and complications

First Look at Potentially Deadly Metabolic Disorder That Strikes Infants

Groups seek ban on high-dose opioids citing overdose danger

Fentanyl drives another grim record of overdose deaths

Parkinson's: Stem cells restore nerve function in monkeys

US clears breakthrough gene therapy for childhood leukemia


Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Fat, carbs, fruit, veg: How much should we eat for health?

Fast-Forward Aging Due to DNA Damage

Obesity: Lack of 'satiety hormones' plays a role

What is a spiral fracture? Causes and treatment

Stroke Patient Improvement With a Brain-Computer Interface

Prolonged sitting and TV watching 'dangerous' for seniors

New Link Between Gene Fusion and Bladder and Brain Cancer

High cholesterol diagnosis tied to lower breast cancer risk

A Decline in Navigational Skills Could Predict Neurodegenerative Disease

Seven home remedies for shortness of breath

Blunting CRISPR's 'Scissors' Gives New Insight Into Autoimmune Disorders

Epley maneuver: A treatment for vertigo

Concerns Regarding Radioactivity in Migratory Seafood Negated

Too much salt may double your chances of heart failure

Using DNA to Predict Schizophrenia and Autism

America's new dads are older than ever

Faulty DNA Repair Depresses Neural Development

Cocoa compound could 'delay or prevent' type 2 diabetes   

Patient Plays Saxophone While Surgeons Remove Brain Tumor

Looking for a plastic surgeon on Instagram? #Beware

Monkeys With Parkinson's Disease Benefit from Human Stem Cells

Cortisone flare: Pain after a cortisone shot explained

Protecting the Guardians

FDA approves first gene therapy to treat leukemia

Bioengineering a Functional Vascularized Lung Scaffold

Breakthrough in Understanding Mitochondria

How Dietary Fats' Impact Healthy or Obese Adults

Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Endometriosis


Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Slow Walking Pace Is Good Predictor of Heart-Related Deaths

Exercise can help new mothers manage postnatal depression, study finds 

Obese People Lack Cells With Satiety Hormones

Dancing may help to combat brain aging

Expanding the Reach of Therapeutic Antibodies

What happens to the brain as we age?

Obesity Prevention Guidelines Are Not Followed for Preschool Children

Donating plasma: What are the side effects and risks?

Negative Effects of Pesticide Exposure on Birth Outcomes

Four cups of coffee a day may slash death risk

Doping in Sports: Official Tests Fail to Pick Up Majority of Cases

Most melanomas grow as new spots, not from existing mole

Dark Chocolate With Olive Oil Associated With Improved Cardiovascular Risk Profile

Rattlesnake bite: Symptoms, treatment, and timeline

Bone-Derived Hormone Reverses Age-Related Memory Loss in Mice

When it comes to weight loss, consistency may be key

Altered Bacterial Communities in the Gut Could Be an Indicator for Parkinson's Disease

Jellyfish sting treatment

Exclusion from School Can Trigger Long-Term Psychiatric Illness

Moles not the only way to spot deadly melanoma

Pain, Emotions and the Placebo Effect

Alzheimer's: Sex matters, but so does age

Large study suggests high-carb diet is a killer

How long does it take to build muscle with exercise?

New drug reduces heart attacks, but is that enough?

Exercise right after learning improves memory in women New research suggests

37 people nationwide contract infection linked to turtles

Brain Stimulation for Children With Learning Difficulties?


Monday, August 28, 2017


Complete Remission of Brain Metastasis of Difficult-to-Treat Tumor

What is the secret to long-term weight loss? Study sheds light

Air Temperature Is External Trigger for Heart Attack

Osteoarthritis: Could this algae extract lead to a cure?

It's Not a Rat's Race for Human Stem Cells Grafted to Repair Spinal Cord Injuries

Married Patients With Heart Disease Have Better Survival Rates

Is Telomere Length Associated With the Cognitive Response to a Lifestyle Intervention?: Supporting Evidence from the FINGER Trial

Ibuprofen Associated With Blood Pressure Rise in Arthritis Patients at Cardiovascular Risk

Food for Thought on Defining the Ideal Blood Pressure Target

Compounds in Cocoa May Help Delay Onset of Type 2 Diabetes

Eating Triggers Endorphin Release in the Brain

Chronic Lack of Sleep Increases Risk-Seeking

Diarrhea after drinking alcohol: What causes it?

How Shingles Vaccine Should Be Used in Arthritis Patients

What is erotomania? Symptoms and treatment

Worm Infection Reveals Cross-Talk in the Lymph Nodes

Actinic cheilitis: Causes, treatment, and prevention

US Opioid Epidemic Reaches New Level of Crisis in Overdoses, Hospitalizations and Cost

Pineapple juice for cough relief: Does it work?

 Screening for Vascular Disease Saves One Life for Every 169 Patients Assessed

In a first, drug lowers heart attack risk with new approach

Clinical Benefit of LDL Cholesterol Lowering Depends on How It Is Lowered


Sunday, August 27, 2017


Loss of microbial gut diversity a threat to health?

Algorithm could predict Alzheimer's risk years before symptoms occur

Study Confirms Safety of Rapid Algorithm to Rule-out and Rule-in Myocardial Infarction

Breast MRI: What you need to know

High Salt Intake Associated With Doubled Risk of Heart Failure

Eight health benefits of gelatin

Higher Coffee Consumption Associated With Lower Risk of Early Death

Empty calories: What you need to know

Implanted Cardiac Monitors Indicate Incidence of Undiagnosed AFib May Be Substantial in High-Risk Patients

How yoga, meditation benefit the mind and body

Gene Therapy Using ‘junk DNA’ Could Lower Risk for Heart Disease

Benefits of aloe vera for hair


Saturday, August 26, 2017


Endorphin release differs by exercise intensity, study finds

Strong friendships in adolescence may benefit mental health in the long run

Seborrheic dermatitis: Natural treatments and remedies

Hematidrosis (blood sweat): Causes and treatments

White pubic hair: Four possible causes 

Splinter hemorrhages: Causes and treatment