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Friday, August 26, 2016


All Donated Blood in U.S. Will Be Tested for Zika

Bacterial Pneumonia: Get the Facts

EpiPen Users Have Few Options for Generic or Alternate Drugs

Fracking chemicals may pose threat to fertility

Stiff Arteries Linked With Memory Problems, Mouse Study Suggests

E-cigarettes: Most teens vape for flavor, not nicotine

Researchers Succeed in Developing a Genome Editing Technique That Does Not Cleave DNA 

Doctors puzzled by baby born with Zika virus

Scientists Shed New Light on the Role of Calcium in Learning, Memory

Vitamin cocktails: An ethical dilemma of supply and demand

Breast Milk Sugar May Protect Babies Against Deadly Infection

Physician Advice to Patients on E-Cigarettes Varies, Reveals Knowledge Gaps, Study Shows 

K2 drug users "playing a game of Russian roulette"

Important Advance Made With New Approach to 'Control' Cancer, Not Eliminate It

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae: What You Need to Know

Physicist's DNA Chip Offers Big Possibilities in Cell, Cancer Studies 

What are teens vaping? Some experts are surprised

Diabetes-related vision loss growing worldwide

Mechanism Identified Through Which Lead May Harm Neural Cells, Children's Neurodevelopment

Reducing prescription opioid addiction by switching receptors

Researchers Find a New Way to Identify, Target Malignant Aging in Leukemia


Thursday, August 25, 2016


Could fish oil reverse negative effects of a fatty diet?

For Tennis Elbow, No Such Thing as a Quick Fix

Being overweight, obese linked to increased risk of eight more cancers

Task Force Explores Why Texas Had Higher Pregnancy Death Rates in Study

Nurse-driven protocols relieve ER crowding

'Baby Simulator' Programs May Make Teen Girls More Likely to Become Pregnant, Study Finds

Experts Say Inexpensive Drug Could Slow Heart Disease for Type 1 Diabetic Patients

Fatty Liver: All You Need to Know About Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 

Targeting Low-Oxygen Patches Inside Lung Cancer Tumors Could Help Prevent Drug Resistance

Advice doctors give their own kids before college

Western Diet Increases Alzheimer's Risk

Nine hydrating drinks that are healthier than water 

Is Prehospital Stroke Treatment Associated With Better Outcomes?

Addict describes overdosing on carfentanil 

Artificial Retinas: Promising Leads Towards Clearer Vision

Upward trend in happiness for older people year on year

New Study Questions Timing in Mitral Valve Repairs

Coffee cravings? It may be in your DNA

Elevating Brain Protein Allays Symptoms of Alzheimer's, Improves Memory

Stroke could be better predicted with biomarker discovery

Smokers With Newly Discovered Genetic Markers Have Higher Lung Cancer Risk

New Research Reveals Cancers Need a 'Perfect Storm' of Conditions to Develop


Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Study Strengthens Evidence That Cognitive Activity Can Reduce Dementia Risk

Some Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip Chemo, Study Says

THC in Marijuana Makes Rats Lazy, Less Willing to Try Cognitively Demanding Tasks

Research Shows Links Between Obesity and 8 Additional Cancers

Asthma Risk Increases When Child Had Bronchiolitis

Coma patient's brain 'jump-started' using ultrasound

'Reversible' Blood Thinner May Cut Bleeding Risk

What not to say to help your teen lose weight

Concussions and Brain Injury: Can Omega-3 Intake Aid in Brain Health Recovery?

Five bizarre medical conditions you might not know about

New Research Shows Impact of Crohn's Disease on Brain Function

Money-saving advice for EpiPen users

Comparing Coronary Artery Calcium Scores in Patients With Psoriasis, Diabetes

Cancer treatment side effects influenced by patient expectations

Study Shows Diabetes Treatment Helps Reduce Weight in Children With Autism

What's behind the sharp rise in prescription drug prices?

Amyloid-Related Heart Failure Now Detectable With Imaging Test

Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia: Get the Facts

Calcium Channel Blockers Caught in the Act at Atomic Level

Racial, ethnic disparities persist for kids with ADHD

Scientists Use Ultrasound to Jump-Start a Man's Brain After Coma

Zika clone promises to assist vaccine development

How Do Antidepressants Trigger Fear and Anxiety?

Report reveals how doctors in sex abuse cases avoid charges 

Breast Cancer Cells Found to Switch Molecular Characteristics

Test that differentiates between bacterial, viral infections in development

Diets Avoiding Dry-Cooked Foods Can Protect Against Diabetes, Say Researchers

Could this ethnic group hold a key to longer life?

Selecting the Right House Plant Could Improve Indoor Air Quality

Flu Shot: Side Effects, Facts, Things to Consider

Insulin Pill Could Make Diabetes Treatment 'Ouchless'

Mental Stress May Cause Reduced Blood Flow in Hearts of Young Women With Heart Disease

Diet, Exercise, Both: All Work Equally to Protect Heart Health

Protein That Promotes the Breakdown of Fat Identified, Potentially Leading to New Diabetes Treatments


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Melatonin Boost a Key to Fighting Breast Cancer

Gut bacteria, antibiotics, and the rise of type 1 diabetes

Early Exposure to Too Much Manganese Causes Attention Deficits in Rats

Potential lung disease-causing fungi found in wind instruments

Too Much Activity in Certain Areas of the Brain Is Bad for Memory and Attention

Is It Strep Throat? Pictures and Symptoms

Recommended Blood Pressure Targets for Diabetes Are Being Challenged

One year after face transplant, ex-firefighter sees new "normal"

New Report Details Pre And Postnatal Brain Defects from Zika Virus 

Sepsis: Deadly infection is a "race against time"

Aquatic Treadmill Walking May Increase Exercise Capacity After Stroke

Amazing progress for child with double hand transplant

Essential Oils Could Counter Lung and Liver Ailments Caused by Air Pollution, Research Suggests

Autism risk increased with prenatal exposure to banned chemicals

Drinking Green Tea to Prevent Artery Explosion: Polyphenol Intake Reduces Abdominal Aneurysm Expansion in Rats

New guidelines on added sugar for kids

Nanoparticle That Mimics Salmonella Counteracts Chemotherapy Resistance

Early indicator of esophageal cancer risk found in Barrett's cells

Chemicals Banned Decades Ago Linked to Increased Autism Risk Today

Moldy bagpipe blamed for man's death

For Young Football Players, Some Tackling Drills Can Pose Higher Injury Risks Than Games

How to Deal with Fire Ant Bites

Researcher Takes Close Look at 'Inflamm-Aging'


Monday, August 22, 2016


Stroke-Like Brain Damage Is Reduced in Mice Injected With Omega-3s

Citrus fruit antioxidants may prevent chronic diseases caused by obesity

Soluble Corn Fiber Can Help Young Women Build Bone, and Older Women Preserve Bone

EpiPen Price Rise Sparks Concern for Allergy Sufferers

How Melanoma Spreads to Other Organs in the Body

Gallbladder Disease: What You Need to Know

New Types of African Salmonella Associated With Lethal Infection

Got a Thyroid Tumor? Most Should Be Left Alone

Esophageal Cancers Driven by 'Marginal Gain' Rather Than Speed

Job dissatisfaction has negative health effects by age 40

Transcription Factor Foxn1 and Preserving Immune Function in Later Life

A Risk for Sudden Death in Epilepsy That Often Goes Unmentioned

Two Key Proteins Preserve Vital Genetic Information

Wearable sleep device may reduce PTSD risk in military

Expecting the Worst Increases Side-Effects in Breast Cancer Patients on Hormone Therapies

Florida students in Zika zone begin school year amid outbreak

New Device Could Help Improve Taste of Foods Low in Fat, Sugar and Salt

Thyroid Storm: What You Need to Know

Monkeys Protect Against Lethal Ebola Sudan Infection Four Days After Infection

Brain cells restored by stem cell therapy following stroke, neurological diseases

Hope for Reversing Stroke-Induced Long-Term Disability

Family, not friends, lowers death risk in older age

After the Heart Attack: Injectable Gels Could Prevent Future Heart Failure

Nanoparticles That Speed Blood Clotting May Someday Save Lives

Simple New Test Could Improve Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Developing Nations

Tunneling Nanotubes Between Neurons Enable the Spread of Parkinson's Disease Via Lysosomes 


Sunday, August 21, 2016


Divorce is seasonal, peaks following family vacations

Cocaine addiction reversed in rats with novel compound

My Baby Has Acne: What Should I Do?


Saturday, August 20, 2016


The height of politics: Taller people more likely to vote conservative

Stroller, carrier injuries send two children to the ER every hour

Why Are My Eyes Yellow?